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One degrees in Chicago right now under partly sunny skies going to a nice mild high of seventy today. WBZ news time, eight forty five time for sports. Here's Rick full football schedule for Sunday number one of the NFL season. Eight games at noon. Four more in the afternoon. And then a big one tonight for the bears. Tell him more in a moment. But first baseball and the cubs who are awake again in Washington after finally finishing their double header with the nationals at one forty four eastern this morning. A long day a long weekend and nothing to show for it is Washington to both halves of the double header ten three and six five and after waiting a long time Friday before rain out Saturday more than three hours of rain delays as well. Today's game doesn't figure to go as planned a one hundred percent chance of rain in DC through the day. We'll see what they do might been Gumri scheduled to pitch it, Milwaukee one. So the cubs division lead went from four games to two and a half in one day. Mike trout had a pair of homers off James shields. Five for five five RBI. And all angels beat the White Sox. Twelve three or another Lopez to throw today rookie or hey Lopez of the royals took a perfect game into the ninth and Minnesota didn't get it. But Casey still one for one night. Only Asaka is the first Japanese woman to win the US open up ending. Serena Williams in straight sets. Serena abandoned her own chances though, mad at the chair umpire after he accused her of getting coaching during the match. Serena slammed her racket then called the empire thief. He Dr a full game Williams likely was not going to win. Anyway, Osaka dominated the first Senate had the upper hand in the second twin all of the drama went down Jovovich del Potrero in the men's final today. Justin Rose has a one shot lead into the final round of the BMW championship. But they won't tee off until at least eleven our time due to rain in Pennsylvania college football, northwestern scored on its first possession, then could not score again. Twenty one seven the final in favor of Duke in Evanston, Illinois beat western Illinois. Notre Dame beat ball state, Utah beat northern seventeen six and to count. Arizona state's field goal is. Time ticked out beat number fifteen. Michigan state sixteen thirteen produce lost to eastern Michigan time to do this. Anthony Miller right in soon as I get out there. I'm gonna give everything I got on Carolus across when you're gonna give a hundred percent every play their rookie on the bears. Meet the Packers the season opener at Lambeau Field caps a full day of NFL week one football, and yes, Khalil Mack and roquan. Smith are expected to see some action for the bears de tonight pregame four o'clock kick-off seven twenty right here on the home of the bears. Rick, Greg, NewsRadio radio seven eighty five point on FM. Hi, it's Jamie, progressive's number one number two employee. Leave a message at the. Hi, jamie. It's you, Jamie. Don't be alarmed, but I think there's a guy following you. Maybe we should get that guard dog we talked about nothing too scary. Maybe like a Bichon with an attitude. You know, progressive's collision insurance covers injured dogs and cats and no extra cost. So wait the guy stood up when I stood up. He's on the phone. He's looking right.

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