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The there's no video or the number of other gary said that he was filmed for a movie real one of those prescreened movie real down said he never got his say that he never got to see but he had heard he thinks it really is out there somewhere could someone told him they saw at once and he remembers being film and he wasn't unlike out of it a national like he will he got national press in the african american prasad in ebony and jet magazine they wrote about his exploits in high school but how'd like he di he he played every sport he was a lifeguard he had one arm he he he was a high jumper i mean he did it he did everything he was he was the best at at a very everything he did he just um he he like he hit his excuse him it was in a story like in the hidden his as rationale for his his drive was that no one would ever pick him on the playground 'til he beat them so you had to beat them and and as he spent he had his family life was very dysfunctional so he grew up on the playground in the couched catch surfing among other black athlete he he i was going to say that you know we talk about the basketball that we've talked about but you're right and others have written that he might have been even better at baseball and he didn't just play baseball will a pitcher it wasn't a gen added situation he caught revered and batted like three 75 and he won mvp of the daily news are trial camp that they had every years back move they would have an annual trump trump for the washington salad wide griffith it was for the major leagues but it was yes we're sponsored by a griffey stadium by mr griffin who owned the washing senators and he out of that camp chuck hidden was there was it was a it was an integrated camp which was integrated sporting events were very rare thon.

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