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Podcast mini series from espn celebrates the dunk in all its glory this episode is very special to me because it's focused on a personal passion sneakers but this isn't the story of basketball and sneakers and chuck taylor's and nike's in jordan's in collections and collaborations and collectors and air bubbles in resellers in blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah you know that story and if you don't google it this is the story of one man who changed 2 billion dollars sneaker industry altered the course of his career legitimately intimidated michael jordan and admitted the dab kinda all in one night you probably know by now that i'm not as much talking about a dunk as i am the reebok pompey and the man who made it cool twenty one year old sixfoot one celtics guard kovin cadel brown but you all know ms d i didn't really here to crowd but you look back on aden watched the highlights of it you hear those guys get excited body see the crowd standing up in the 1991 dunk contest d brown became famous as much for his display above the rim as below his ankles was an era that birth one of the silliest weirdest yet coolest basketball sneakers to ever hit the shelves of course i'm talking about the fact that that there late eighty's early 90s is happening in the competition among the largest as think manufacturers is sort of reaching a fevered pitch this is elizabeth symbol hack the curator at the bottom she museum in toronto the late eighties sought technological arms race between the big speaker companies every shoe they put out was designed to either make you cut faster jump higher stay safer and most importantly look cooler nikki of course was the heavy hitter.

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