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Ozone dot com. Okay got it so. Hopefully you'll hear some cool stories about ozone therapy and and whatnot. I think it's it's just worth it and this is one of those things that is just coming online. I asked mark hyman. Yeah yeah mark has been on the show dear friend in we're at some medical conference somewhere and we're both on a panel and the the panelists moderator said. Hey guys what is over the next five years. What are the new things coming. Online that are going to be most effective marks. Actually i think it's ozone. And i'm one hundred percent alignment with that. So part of my job here is to to shine the light of attention on stuff that really works that is cost effective and one of the things that that really attracted me your stuff as you're saying look we got the costs down so instead of being a few grand is nine hundred and fifty bucks and this is for hundreds and hundreds of treatments that you can use on your whole family as long as you how to do it right number one thing. Don't breathe stuff. You need to do it and even before you stick it somewhere. Go doctor try it. Once you know get taught how to do it or at least look videos on The doctors ozone site. That are going to teach you how to do it safely so you you can't harm yourself if you don't know what you're doing do not breathe. Do not put it on your dogs and stuff like that. You know any animals any people that breathe this it can be really harmful But when it's done properly it is very safe and really effective. Thanks for coming. On and website g. r. s. ozone dot com doctors ozone and. That's where you can learn more. I guess slash bulletproof specific page. That runs over like biohacking kind of stuff. Doctors ozone does have more stuff it's could more medically based as you put together some special stuff. That people like i go to the website cover. You like to go there and learn a bunch of stuff. It'll be cool. Yeah all right thanks man. Yeah happy to be here. Thanks if you like. Today's upset you know to do. Get a bag of ozone and stick it. Okay you could do something else as well but What i would like you to do though is visit the webpage and just learned something about ozone therapy. I've got a few things on the bulletproof website. I mentioned the other podcast with some of the luminaries in the field. But just take five minutes. See what the says and put it in your arsenal of things you can do to increase your biology and if you ever really sick and nothing's working telling you ozone ozone ozone bulletproof radio was created a hosted by dave asprey the producer darcy himes.

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