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I'm David green. And I'm Steve Inskeep. Both. I'm John will be. We remembered today at a memorial service, a Dallas police officer shot and killed him in his own apartment officer, amber, Geiger, says she did not realize she was entering the wrong apartment. But John's parents told CBS news, they don't believe this. Here's his mother Allison John one of the things I would like is for. Ambert just complain. Just surrender civil rights. Attorney Benjamin Crump is representing the John family. And he's with us now. Good morning, sir. Good morning, Steve. So the officer has told the authorities. This was just a mistake. She came out of a parking garage on the wrong floor of an apartment building went to the wrong door. What reason is there to doubt this? Where they have given bearable narratives, and it keeps changing. But at the end of the day, she broken in both them Jones apartment cute him. And now she's claiming self defense. What are some of the differences in the basic story or basic story being that you just went to the wrong door? We're first of all when she was talking with the Dallas police department. She claimed that she was trying to ended up part man, she had her key. She put things down. So she can try to get into the apartment, even though there was a bright red rock right outside of both house to identify that that was his apartment that should've gave notice right there. And then she said there was a confrontation when she first started in the first narrative now in the second latest narrative by the Texas Rangers, Steve she's saying the door was open. It was a jar and she did in the apartment shooting. So she shot before she came into the apartment when she saw Dr figure this is much different than the first account. She gave and why would you have to put your key in a door that was already open. So it's just so many inconsistencies, and if you're I would have killed somebody and say we went in. Wrong apartment. We still would have been arrested that night, but she wasn't arrested in two three days later, the both John family believes that she's been given preferential treatment. Well, let's talk about that arrest. I because the police chief Alicia Rene hall has attempted to explain that delay. Let's listen. Indications..

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