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From NPR news. I'm Janine Herbs. Some members of the board that oversees the U. S. Capitol Police will testify before Congress today on their role tied to the January six insurrection. And here's Claudia glee Solace reports. The entire board hasn't appeared before. Lawmakers since 1945. Republicans on the House Administration committee called for the hearing in the wake of concerns over the board's role overseeing Capitol police. The board's voting members are comprised of the House and Senate sergeant at Arms and the architect of the Capitol. But Senate sergeant at arms carrying Gibson will not appear in person before the committee. That means the board streak of not testifying together before Congress since 1945 remains in place. However, how Sergeant at arms. William Walker, who was sworn into his role last month after serving as the head of the D C National Guard, will appear before the panel along with the architect of the Capitol, J. Brett Blanton. Claudia Chrysalis. NPR NEWS Washington New York attorney. A state attorney general's office says its investigation of the Trump Organization is expanding NPR's child. Snyder reports. The investigation is now considering potential financial crimes. A spokesman for New York attorney General Leticia James issued a statement saying her offices expanding what had been a civil investigation. It is now pursuing criminal violations, along with the Manhattan district attorney, James is offices it has notified the Trump Organization. The former president has previously said James's investigation is politically motivated. NPR's Giles Snyder reporting the law enforcement officer who's fatally shot a black man in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, won't face charges or lose their jobs as well. Michael's from member station W. N. C reports. The local district attorney says the killing of Andrew Brown Jr was justified. Passports. A county sheriff says deputies were attempting to serve search and arrest warrants when they closely surrounded Brown's car and told him to put his hands up. District Attorney Andrew Womble claims Brown then began to use the car as a deadly weapon. When he tried to get away. He had two choices he could comply. He could try to flee. When he tried to flee. He put their lives in danger. Marble said he did not know if any deputies were injured. He shared about 45 seconds of body camera footage, but would not show more video or provide a copy of the investigation. Attorneys for the Brown family are demanding the release of both for NPR News. I'm will Michael's in Elizabeth City in India, the country's biggest vaccine producer, the Serum Institute. Says it won't be able to export vaccines until the end of the year. Countries that have already placed orders and paid or angry, but India says it needs the vaccines for his own citizens. The number of new Corona virus infections is falling, but the country said a new daily record for deaths at 4521 This is NPR Live from news 87 in Houston. I'm Kyra Buckley. Houston schools will no longer be able to require masks after June. 4th Governor Greg Abbott has issued an order banning school district statewide from requiring face coverings and government reporter Andrew Schneider says public schools and universities are moving quickly to comply. Houston eyes do. You should've brief public statement saying that it intends to comply with the governor's order and is awaiting further guidance from the Texas Education Agency. Spring branch Eyes D appears prepared to move more quickly. It issued a statement saying its board of trustees will meet next Monday. They're expected to take action on a resolution making masks optional As of May, 25th. Likewise, the University of Houston has issued a statement saying masks would no longer be required on campus. However, the university continues to encourage the wearing of face coverings, particularly for individuals who are not fully vaccinated. I'm Andrew Schneider in Houston. Houstonians are debating the future of the police department as the city maps out next year's budget. As news 88 sevens Jen Rice tells us the new chief and some community members want to move in opposite directions. Mayor Sylvester Turner's plan boosts the police budget by around $30 million and ads around 200 officers. Violent crime has increased over the past year with murders up around 40%. HPD chief Troy Fenner says Houston needs more cops on the streets. You have to be practical and look at your cities. We need more police and we don't need much more funding. But Brandon Mac elite organizer with black lives matter, Houston was one of a dozen people who called in to ask for cuts. I am urging the members of the Houston City Council to not increase the budget for Houston Police Department Into instead allocate funds for other areas such a neighborhood, Houston Health Department libraries and used them family services. We do not need more police police reform advocates say boosting community resource is does more to fight crime and reduce violence than adding more police. I'm generous in Houston. Harris County has lowered the cove in 19 threat level in our region, Judge Lena Hidalgo says, because of the number of people getting vaccinated, combined with decreasing covert hospitalizations. The threat is moving from red to orange. I'm confident. I really trust that.

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