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Are you, dear? I'm good. I'm good. I just caught me off guard. I was, but I just wanted to tell you how I enjoy your program, and in the morning when you play that music, I thought, Well, why did he do that? Chris along and I said, Well, let's turn it into a positive. So I do my exercises. I do some aerobics. Do you? Yeah. How old are you? I'm 67 67 you do your aerobics like, do you watch something on TV and do him already? Just trying? You know, just when you're on and just, you know, getting up in them. In my robots, then I gotta I gotta go to the gym and work out. Oh, you do your aerobics before you go to the gym. Well, just for that short time that you've got that little little Gospel music going. Oh, during. Oh, during the morning, Okay. All right. Okay. I like that. I like where you go with it. And how long do you do your aerobics? Not long not long enough I've got was I moved here from Michigan and I didn't some way. I've got a I gotta get back in shape. Are you single? I'm divorced. Okay with you. Yeah. You got to get in that you got to get, you know, ready for the market. E moved here to be near my son, and we're real close to His law enforcement. Are you trying to date? I'd like to, But I haven't since my divorce. I only go to church. You know, Where's the 67? Year old gonna find somebody? I have an answer for you. We have a show sponsor. It's called I never There were dating sites that always wanted to sponsor the show, and I didn't I don't want to. I don't want a show sponsored that I wouldn't personally actually want you to use. But after years of saying no, I wouldn't do it. I was contacted By a company. It's called new Mates in the U. M A. T e new mate dot com And they said, Listen, we know you don't do dating sites and we are a dating site. But for older people, and it's not. It's not like the swipe sites where it's like. Do you think I'm hot? Here's my, You know, semi nude pictures. It's for folks in your situation who are single. But you've got a lot of life left at 67. They wanna meet somebody nice. So they even created a group on the site. For people who are listeners, and that might sound silly at first, But if you think about it, what's the number? One thing you don't want in the person you're dating that you find out down the road. They don't share your values. If you listen to our show, you said your son's law enforcement. You're probably going to be happiest with somebody that's not a former prison inmate or a thief, or you know what I mean. You're probably gonna find when you find that right person. They're probably going to be the divorced or widowed father of law enforcement school teacher of firefighter. There's just certain values. Yeah, I'm I'm I'm a retired probation, parole officer. Or you really inmate inmate wouldn't work. Yeah. Yeah, I was. I was with Department of Corrections and State of Michigan for 32 years. Oh, my goodness. I'm going to get your clothes because he you know, he followed in my footsteps. I'm going to get your number when we hang up. And are your email would even be better. And I'm gonna put you with small. He's the guy who owns a new mate dot com and I'm gonna ask him to do it all to set you up. And I want you to report back because if you find a mate out of this, whether you get married or not, I don't care. But if you find somebody that you enjoy going to the movies with or having dinner with and it works out, then I want to report back to people. Oh, my goodness. It's just like my lucky day. Yeah. Yeah, And it's gonna be some guy's lucky day. Because you're gonna find a nice lady. He would have never expected to find such a nice lady. On the market. You'll have great stories because he'll be from Texas and you will have come here from Michigan. And I think what makes us different. Gives us more things to talk about. Yeah, you'll be able to say Oh, well in Michigan is gonna flip his lid. If he's listening, because it's like he doesn't want me to date, you know? Well, no, It's not that Beverly. I guarantee it's not that he wants you to be happy. He's protective. If he's a cop cups my brothers this way. They're very, very protective. He doesn't want somebody to hurt you. And I don't mean physically. He doesn't want somebody to break your heart or Or whatever else Oh, you're so sweet. Well, but that's his type, Right? That's what cops are. People don't really I don't like when people speak ill of cops because my brother's a cop and I had family members. Other family members were cops and I got a lot of friends of the cops. And cops are sheepdogs, their protectors sometimes overly so, but they are people. That should be cops. They're they're born to be cops. This is my brother. We always knew he'd be a cops all you ever wanted to do. And he's a protector. He's a He's A He's a sheepdog, and that's what your son is. He's protective of his mommy. We'll always be.

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