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Want to talk to the instigators caller? Text us now at 71680305 50 or call Toll free 18885 52 5 50 tweeted. Nothing else comes close. He was always next year. It's already talked about a shit like I mean, I'm going in my ninth year next year, and everyone should so I'm just Definitely motivated and I'm just just sucks, You know, losing four in a row to a team and, um, you know, it felt like last year was our first real chance to win in this year we had. I mean, we're I thought were the best team in the league. For whatever reason, we just couldn't couldn't get it together and Sure and training camp next year. We'll figure it out and dissect things and come back better. That was Nate McKinnon last night after going down to the Vegas Golden Knights after being up to nothing in the series, Prepare ladies and gentlemen to have your mind's blown on the instigators on W G R 5 15 MSG Marty just said. PD. I have something I need to say or ask, or whatever guy had my mind was blown at the break. So here we go. My mind was blown at the break soldier, he announced the Jack Adams finalist. There's three finalists. Always for that. The war that's the best coach in national colleague Joel Quenneville, D Nevison and Rod Brenda. More are on the list. But then I saw a tweet come through. About Rod, bring them more. What year was right what year what team was rugby in the more drafted to in the National Hockey League? Uh, ST Louis. Oh, my. How do you know that? What do you mean? How do you know that? I thought Reverend Moore was Philadelphia Carolina. I thought that was it. He was drafted by the ST Louis Blues and played two seasons there as a 19 and 20 year old. Yeah. And no idea I couldn't even like comprehend the fact that Rod Brind'Amour was the ST Louis Blues at some point. Yeah. So it blew my mind. Maybe it didn't blow yours or dance because you guys are pros, but it blew my mind. I was busy. You're busy are going about repairing. So what now, Marty? I mean, what now? Changing you did you know, I thought we had like I had a cliffhanger going there Investigators. W gr. This to me was was a I had an epiphany or whatever. How do you say it? Um, Epiphany epiphany. It's like, wow, like I can't believe he was the ninth overall pick in the 88 draft. 22 ST Louis Blues. So the comment made by MacKinnon there after losing the series. We're moving on from Marty said No. But when we played a car like it, we played a clip coming in. We're supposed to. You know, there's a reason we do these things right in this instance. I'm not sure what the reason was, but, uh, to talk about it to talk about it. Probably. Yeah, that's what did you hear? Did you hear Adrienne Daters question. That's Now, let's get to that because that's what you were talking about, wasn't it? Well, yeah, it's like here you have this. The guy throws in the old you just go and say f it And I mean, Marty, you understand what he was trying to say? Like it was just such an awkward post game. This is this is the exact reason why This right here is why players don't have to speak. I don't care what the circumstances are. I don't care. Go interview the winners. Who cares how the losers are feeling? You know how they're feeling. Why do we have to see it on the faces? Why do we have to know if they're crying? Why do we have to see them Frustrated here them swear. Why put them in that situation? You bring up a situation last night? You bring up a good point gets embarrassed. You bring up a good point, because the whole thing of sports Talked about this on GR. I think maybe a couple of weeks ago, Uh, with Howard in the morning, and and Paul Hamilton, why do we watch sports Growing up? It's the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. So you see both right when the game ends, you see the thrill of victory. You see the agony defeat on the players on the bench. It's almost the last thing is a fan you think of is I wonder what he's thinking right now, as the Colorado players or any team that loses are hanging their heads on the bench. You know exactly what they're thinking. You can have fun with it and be sarcastic and be snarky. And so you're speaking to go golfing. You can't wait to get back when it's not what he's thinking. In that moment. He's thinking you kidding me? It ended like this. It was not a chance. I thought we'd lose lose this game. We had a two nothing series lead. All those thoughts are going through their head. When, um I believe it's the NFL right after the Super Bowl, the interview, the winning coach and all the players who want and they have one interview. If I can remember correctly on the networks anyway. At the end of a broadcast, and I think they they don't They bring the coach that lost and he comes out of the locker room. And he says, I'm really proud of those men in there and the job they did, and, uh, we're going to come back next year and try to be better and that's it. That's all. You get out of it like so I'm with you, Andrew. I'm not and I've been on both sides now. Not as an athlete, but I've been working with, you know, two franchises now in the NHL. And I've always wondered, and Marty for your sake to when goaltenders get the question about Hey. I'm sure you wanted that one back. Hey, dude, I wanted all four back that got past me. I mean, I don't go to work to let in goals or allow goals. So I'm with you. Interview the winners Get the good stories Give the guys who lost maybe at least a day or a couple days. And then maybe you just kind of like here's somebody make your point. Then I want to ask you a question to here's what happens. So if we're covering the National Hockey League as a national brand, right? Who cares what Nathan MacKinnon has to say. After the game. They lost a series occurs with Jared Bednarz to say they lost a series right? Because we were more much more interested in Vegas. Vegas is moving on. How'd you do it? How'd you win four in a row like that's what it is. But if we were covering the Colorado Avalanche if we were a Colorado Avalanche radio station right now and covering the Colorado Avalanche We would want the sounds of McKinnon and Landers, Gog and Grubauer and my car locker clean out day You can come to locker clean out day. That's what that's for it. That's you Get a couple days to decompress. Yeah, I think locker clean all day. You get everybody and you talk about this season overall, but right there, we would want to talk. What happened last night and like, Let's get Nate McKinnon sound so I think, Listen on our jobs. Hard to be the the middleman between the players and the team and the fans and the crowd. And so that's what happens. We would get the sounds and talk about the sounds and be that that sounding board so If the Sabres lost and the Disney McKinnon hot Why does name McKinnon deserved to be? I don't think he was made a mockery. But he's put in a position to have to be edgy and have an attitude. Like why why they can in their own ways. Every Yes, Everyone has their own ways. But if he got up there, But Marty, if he got up there and had any half of a smile on his face, all of Colorado would say Get him out of here. No matter carer. He doesn't care. He just cares about the money. Nobody has a smile on their face with no but playoffs like cut again like me. I'd be a little bit more like shoulders down like it just feels like, uh, you know, and some people are angry and they stand up and they're like, you know, they.

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