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Time once again for the adventures of Superman this storyline originally played out back in the fall of nineteen forty seven here is part nine buildings in a single huge all the hello Kelloggs pep the sun shines Kellogg's cereal presents your today's Superman is Clark Kent and Lois Lane have arrived at green acres in search of a secret aerial rocket sensing greater danger can drive to send Lois back too much on you've got to take the car and drive back to town what was this place is danger no more dangerous than the than it is for you yes it is a necessary I you can fly or wave a magic wand and turned into Superman at a news now please let's not discuss it I've come this far and I am not turning back now all right I'm warning you even with Superman's help you may never get out of these woods alive is it life or death for Lois Lane will know all right after what's coming next our three get express bars Mars and all please leave the launching our law but the short preview of a rocket terminal of the future I'm not so far in the future either rocket bite is just around the corner right but now all Kelloggs pep the super serial offer you a terrific hand size rocket model the jar rocket a dry rugged you can send street getting into the air up all over the tree tops a giant rocket itself is sleek and business life with a streamlined body brilliantly colored almost half a foot long plus a steel propeller the stern that packs rotational frost and the gyroscope comes complete with a metal launching rot in a wooden rocket launcher right you hold in your hand put your.

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