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News I'm Richard cancer the growing battle between states and president trump over restarting the economy in the pandemic the worst is over New York governor Andrew Cuomo said and announced an alliance with six other north eastern governors to plan for the lifting of stay at home and social distancing orders seizing isolation we want to increase economic activity the timetable remained unclear especially since Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker said his state is at the beginning of a difficult period A. B. C.'s Erin to Turkey in the west California Oregon and Washington are forming a similar compact but president trump is claiming that only he has that authority federal government has absolute power it has the power as to whether or not I used that power will see I would rather stay John I would rather work with the states because I like going down to a local government California's insurance commissioner ordered some companies to refund premiums for March and April because of the pandemic consumer advocates say that should happen nationally with the pandemic continuing Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer announced an effort to president our data to pressure president trump to re open enrollment in the affordable Care Act for those who want covered now today I joined a coalition of twelve governors who asked president trump to allow for a special enrollment period at least thirty days on the federal health care exchange president has steadfastly refused to reopen obamacare enrollment South Korea says north Korean fighter jets have fired missiles off the east coast this after it fired suspected cruise missiles from its east coast the firing came on the eve of the one hundred eighth anniversary of the birth of Kim il song north Korea's first leader referred to as great leader the FBI issued its first ever poster in the Navajo language seeking information on the murder of an elderly man in twenty fourteen in his home on the New Mexico portion of the sprawling Navajo reservation you're listening to ABC news a news radio time one oh two Denver mayor Michael Hancock governor Poloz and an army lieutenant general will be among those flying into downtown tomorrow on Black Hawk helicopters to tour facilities do not be alarmed the guard will be touring locations that will be used as alternate care sites during the Cold vet response so tomorrow I'll be joining governor Polish when I walk through of the convention center with the National Guard leadership the state will likely have the site ready for patients this weekend Hancock says he's hopeful the field hospital set up at the convention center will not need to be used governor Poloz says the JBS meatpacking plant in Greenlee is closing for awhile there will be a plant wide quarantine and workers will sanitize it and the way that we can bring the plant back online is not unlike any other critical part of our economy as mass testing containment to make sure that those who are sick are not coming to work and providing protective equipment in mass true true relevant employees and those who might have been exposed the meat packing plant has had two employees died from the virus and dozens have tested positive Wyoming now has a death from corona virus that means a virus death has been recorded in every state Wyoming officials say the man who died had underlying health conditions another big Broadway musical taken off the schedule in Denver Disney's The Lion King scheduled for may thirteenth through June fourteenth has been postponed with dates to be set later the DC BA says the decision of the lying king was made out of an abundance of caution in partnership with Disney theatrical productions if you had tickets for lion king you will be informed about ticket options once they set the new dates for the show Jerry bell K. O. A. news radio and our wintry weather continues another possible record low tonight as we expected dipped to thirteen degrees with snow showers next update at one thirty David Kay okay away newsradio eight fifty AM in ninety four one I have found possibly Wednesday maybe Thursday and I don't know anymore is it today our kids at school time or is it tomorrow we it's the quarantine confusion in these very troubled times it doesn't matter what day it is stay informed prepares a lot of evolving information every minute every day and if you don't hear from one of us K. away news radio you.

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