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Hawaii returning home over the weekend he apologised for causing anxiety with his unannounced trip in India prime minister Narendra Modi's looks set for an election defeat in the eastern state of Jharkhand the vote comes as motor has been struggling to contain national anger against his religion based citizenship law we have seen violent crashes and twenty four people have been killed the government is also wrestling with an economy growing at the slowest pace in six years with unemployment now at its highest level in four decades global news twenty four hours a day and on quick take by Bloomberg powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than one hundred twenty countries were shot yep but it's good to guesses of it's a Brijeg Houston bright as multi asset strategist at Wells Fargo asset management great of you to join as Brian Christmas Eve of course here in Hong Kong the eve of Christmas Eve that where you are that said it took a little bit about what you are looking at as being the big story of twenty twenty yes thanks for having me yes the very exciting time to be here especially he hot contrasted to what things look like last year last year and Christmas Eve day that was the bottom line of the market and you know we've come a long way since then and a lot has obviously happened so the big risk events especially run trade and break that seem to be not necessarily distant memories but at least a little bit in the rear view mirror so when we're looking ahead one of the big things that were really watching is whether or not president trump fire is going to turn against any other countries viewing the phase one trade deal with China as almost a template for how to deal with other countries our other regions including of the European Union so well I would like to say that you the trade deal phase one is done it might actually be serving as almost a playbook for to think through how things might unfold and that as a result we probably do need to brace ourselves for continued volatility and so that's how we're positioning portfolios were still optimistic about the outlook we do have a bias towards equity in risk assets in general we think that we're going to avoid any sort of recession in the United States will likely see a global rebound in economic activity in the first quarter but you fear that yeah this will be a little bit more volatility much like what we saw toward the end of two thousand eighteen going into early two thousand nineteen Brian here in the New York session we had many of the rate sensitive groups like utilities and real estate kind of drift lower today as a long term interest rates stubbornly of moved higher I ten year treasury only at one ninety two very quickly here is it likely that that market breaks begin to drift up a little bit in the new year I think the key word there is dressed yes we don't think that it's going to be a major move higher where we have to be too worried about duration but it is unlikely that the bias is toward higher rates maybe over the last the six months or so was more the aberration than the norm prime when we continue the conversation want to get your take on kind of geopolitical risk particularly were trading.

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