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And Nebraska and Alejandro zombies new novel about a friendship fueled by poetry between a young man and an old paramour of his mother's You feel that you are the one who is given love later you realize that you are receiving a love to me is a really beautiful and at the same time very complex situation First our newscast today is Saturday February 12th 2022 Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Amy held The U.S. State Department is ordering most staff to leave the embassy in Kyiv as Washington warns a Russian invasion increasingly is looking potentially imminent All U.S. citizens in Ukraine have also been advised to get out immediately as an additional 3000 U.S. soldiers are set to arrive in Poland to help Americans leave Other nations including Australia Jordan the UK and Germany have advised their citizens to depart The White House is still pushing though for a diplomatic solution To that end President Biden and Russian president Vladimir Putin are speaking over the phone today and NPR's Charles maines reports from Moscow Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke earlier with his Russian counterpart According to the State Department blinken made clear that a diplomatic path to resolving the crisis remained open but warned Russian aggression against Ukraine would result in a united and massive transatlantic response Meanwhile Russia said foreign minister Sergei Lavrov accused Washington of waging a propaganda campaign about a possible Russian attack la rove also reiterated complaints that western powers ignored Russian security demands regarding NATO's expansion towards its borders The stark exchange came as Russian troops continued to arrive at what the U.S. argues are invasion staging grounds to Ukraine's north south and east Charles main's in pure news Moscow Canadian police moved on to the ambassador bridge this morning to remove anti vaccine mandate protesters blocking the key crossing between Detroit and Windsor Canada The protests have inspired others across the globe including in France where police today intercepted hundreds of vehicles seeking to enter the capitol The BBC's Hugh schofield has more from Paris Since early this morning hundreds of vehicles have been moving in convoys from the outskirts towards the city center with the aim it seems of blocking the champs elysees However police are out in force and stopping any car that looks like it might be occupied by protesters by mid morning police said they'd issued more than 200 fines That's the BBC's Hugh schofield reporting from Paris A new bill in the Utah legislature is sparking fears of voter suppression from member station kui R in Salt Lake City Sonja Hudson reports it bans voting by mail as well as voter registration drives Vote by mail has been around since 2016 in Utah And top state officials generally like it including Republican lieutenant governor Dietrich Henderson who oversees elections She says the bill would disadvantage low income and rural Utah Governments should not be arbitrarily by arbitrarily I mean without good cause putting restrictions into place to make this fundamental constitutional right more difficult for people The bill's sponsor Republican representative Phil Lyman did not respond to multiple requests for comment For NPR news I'm Sonia Hudson in Salt Lake City It's NPR news Dire conditions inside a federal prison in Oregon have not improved over the course of the pandemic Oregon public broadcasting's Conrad Wilson reports the federal public defender's office says dozens of inmates say their medical needs are being ignored At the shared and federal correctional institution some cancer patients have not received treatment Inmates who attempted suicide said they did not receive mental healthcare One inmate says his only source of fresh drinking water during lengthy lockdowns is his toilet And in December a man who other inmates say was sick and requested medical care died in his cell People are dying and people are being harmed Lisa hey as Oregon's federal public defender What's most dismissing to me is that we're hearing the same kind of complaints that we've been hearing for two years And I feel somewhat helpless A spokesperson for the bureau of prisons confirmed a man died at the Sheridan prison on December 26th He is the fourth person to die at the prison in the last year For NPR news I'm Conrad Wilson in Portland Parents of children four and younger are expressing disappointment and frustration After the FDA postponed its upcoming review of Pfizer's COVID-19 vaccine citing lack of data The White House had said it could start shipping the shots by the end of the month Now Pfizer says not to expect the data until April U.S. snowboarder Lindsey jacobellis won her second gold medal at the Beijing Olympics today The 36 year old teamed up with 40 year old Nick baumgartner to win the mixed team snowboard cross Both athletes have broken age records with their wins I'm Amy.

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