Muhammed Hassan, Meltzer, Batista discussed on Something to Wrestle with Bruce Prichard


Top level replay with there's this pool of blood next to has saw fallen body and they're going to strap him to a her wheel amounted to an ambulance i mean chart me up here we have rid the wwe of these evil sympathizers and the character known as muhammed hassan is gone i mean you knew right here that's it too much blowback let's just scrap it let's just have delivered to the fans what we said we were going to do but let's just kill him in point there you go sometimes you just gotta move on meltzer wrote a barrage of mainstream media criticism led upn demanding ww keep mohammed hassan character off their network wwe subsequently appears to have killed off character entirely assigned just three weeks ago had been pencilled in as batista's challenger at summer slam with rumors circulated they were considering giving him the world title now he's being sent back to lovie wb repackaged or perhaps released now we're gonna talk about all the other stuff just a minute but i was mohammed hassan and i know we talked about this a lot and you say oh well that's what they thought they heard but when you really look at who all masamune muhammed assigned had been working with hogan sina austin foley undertaker sean it does feel like okay fuck i could see them going with this and that's real heat or whatever was it discussed hey we're gonna put i'm in a world title match with batista summer slam and what if he became the champion absolutely it was that was the plan we were going with batista and there was discussion had not been decided yet whether or not to put the championship on him but we did talk about what if and that some 'em bitch running around with the wwe championship hell yeah is it true that in the end you know if upn would have been okay with mcmahon what a continued or did he see enough of the mainstream heat from everywhere espn fox news.

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