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Market cap is based on speculation. Where the weddings of priced in speculation and not the society in utility on anything? We're going to get that message option. And they might take a year two years or even five years until really goes mainstream by mean the the has to be a ton of 'em on right because right now it seems projects on being valued based on that utility active addresses and the real world use. And it's just Oh big casino where people were just gambling away just rolling the dice and people using queen we market cap as a metrics instrument to measure success but queen market cap is really a fake measurement of success when it comes to utility that metrics washes goes on those projects. And if you get into quaint market cap now a few years ago even before the the ICU craze it was clean you could see the cryptocurrency real crypto currencies. And now they're saying many stable coins Tokens Joylin. I'm a big fan of the none. Sorry and I feel sorry for the non mineable coins coins called the coin filter only because it makes us but also as well because I need to because there's so many stable coins and all the exchanges changes during the same thing with that trading such rates in the market is just a cozy much confusion. Because of course there's always going to be a need need for traders Brian because we're dealing with currencies here at the same time hiding. What is it gonNA take one? Is this market can actually start. Valuing cryptocurrencies cryptocurrencies on utility. Or is it just going to be the speculative bubble. Because I don't think we can move forward until people see cryptocurrencies inviting them in terms of Roku some utility because the speculation isn't going to work and waiting for validation from institutional money to come in. I isn't what blockchain technology talk about. It was meant to be for. The people have misunderstood something and winning. Yeah no no no no. No I'm saying people are waiting for the institutionally. They're going to be waiting while. Aw but yeah I mean it's GonNa take when people stop valuing thinking in terms of dollar value instead of the utility of it that will be its value not the actual representation of the ever inflating Fiat currencies. Yeah so I don't know I mean it's like what is going to be like a complete financial melt or economic meltdown global recession and or one government going completely haywire dilating. Another or. I don't know it's I hope it's not that sounds like doomsday scenario. I like to think that people would shift this way on their own but unfortunately not everyone anyone can be an early adopter. Not everyone is going to have the foresight for that so this is just the cost. We have to bear mark a U. P. with Bitcoin just being store value one. It's been medium exchange as well. Jim Song everything else. This monster called. Yeah no but I. That's the thing that's the beauty of this cryptocurrency space. Some coins are going to have some strengths more than others and right now you have the freedom to switch between one or another Newsham in however you see fit so I mean yeah for sure. Bitcoin I would see it's definitely store evalu- rather not that's how it was designed. That's what it is now and I think that's how a lot of people use it but I mean yeah there's a there's a big difference between the slow the slow transactions and the fast ones ends and expensive ones and the cheap ones and the next time abortions and people get flooded. We're we're going to see if we're GONNA see how ever stands up to it. Yeah yeah which is always funny to see transaction counts and values. Isn't things like that. Just watch the data over time and I still remember that time late. Twenty seventeen when light coin got completely congested for a day or two because because everyone was on coin base number one APP in the US at the time and they could move their bitcoin congested and then they went to try the move. And there's a bunch of cats on the network and so that didn't work and then third down lists like coin and then like coin was dropping transactions. Wasn't working so weird enough. No the fees were like the two dollar range for lake. Lynch is hilarious to think of so. Yeah that was just twenty seventeen. I mean imagine when you have some larger scale I use. Yeah Interesting Times so in terms of I think we should probably wrap up seeing began and for over an hour now. So learning CRYPTO DOT COM crypto. Tips on Youtube. On Switzerland's blockchain check do you you just have a different username for every platform digi. Nothing is this in about brandon identity. Everything come this remind me of this. This is founder. Evan Duffield he has like so many different social media accounts because he log in and just do stuff and then like disappear for awhile and he just forgets. He'd make take time. Maybe it's that. Yeah I mean that I mean honestly. I think that speaks more to like my expectations. -tations when I was starting all this really I mean you know. I didn't have a marketing backgrounds and I was just the first and interested in trying to communicate in this space but ah yes those are those are on my my handy dandy links do you think brutal care. Do you think people have to be careful will follow in certain you tsipras impasse nineties because when you earn the influence space by ignite especially for two thousand eighteen. I was contacted by so many. ICA's we've already seen a few cheever's altitude by taking money percent projects. Even even some big issue is in recent weeks in code out for certain things G think people should be cautious about achievers. I mean we always say do your research but as has your in this space I think people be very interested to learn what your thoughts are on this. No absolutely I think especially someone who is is communicating and as much of a face to face away as like videos they can be more. People can be more susceptible to be trusting of them and you know unfortunately not everyone respects that and not everyone holds their own accountability. So I sure be skeptical. I'll ask questions. Don't don't have this like one person that you always listen to. Because they happen to be right this one time and always on twitter. I always saying as like take note of WHO's wrong. How often they're wrong and take notice WHO's right? They might not always be right but like you hear that tone vase the old going on three thousand. Ah someone in the say. Heidi why you never mentioned that. You'll tweets in Heidi's defense. She he always retweets the DASH news video recap so I can say that there yet. But I'm guessing must've Heidi's sweets from what I've seen or Iva anti-bank accent assemblyman or in her own content which she wet very hard to build up that Pre Evo and spent he is building her follow in say. I don't know if you Heidi kind of building on what we were just saying. Like the trust and the respect of of people's trust of you like I feel like even if I mentioned one coin. That's me endorsing it. Whether it's valid or not I feel like people should be coming to their conclusion. So my the real philosophy is highlighting the fundamentals and in dangling the meat and that giving the prize because it it. I'm trying to help people understand what it's like to do their own research and you understand to be able to recognize if a project is doing it all right come on conclusions because if you're investing your own money That's on you. You know like I'm not GonNa care nearly as much about your money as I would mine and going back to this whole bear market. That's happening people who are freaking out. Maybe it's 'cause they're buying a coin that someone said it would be good and they don't know why it was good but someone said it so they bought it and now they're watching burn. Maybe and they have no idea why. So there's a lot behind why I try to stay cryptic mastic and let's talk about it quickly. I mean well this poll oh cost we want to be real authentic. Are there any projects now. Really interesting projects most excited at the moment about future. The one that I was really interested in was raven. Actually I thought it was really cool. What they're trying to do too are digitised assets? Like real estate. And things like this and really help people whole what is that book I was reading. It was really interesting so brazen coin allows.

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