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News a service of abc home and commercial services community members from unnecessary and discretionary arrests that are all too often the first step on the deportation pipelines the merits of the case against the law overall we'll continue at the federal district court in san antonio rachel mira say newsradio klbj some more credit card skimmers have been found in north austin this time investigators from the texas department of agriculture found three skimmers at the seven eleven on thirty five and wells branch parkway police were called in to remove them klbj news time one oh to taking a look at austin's on time traffic construction heavy on northbound i thirty five backing you up from sixteen twenty six this task and a crash at cesar chavez has got you backed up to woodward southbound i thirty five is slow and go from saint john's to cesar chavez breezy this afternoon periods of clouds and sunshine high seventy three mostly cloudy tonight low sixty four very warm tomorrow with morning clouds then some sun high eighty seven degrees another warm day saturday from the weather center on meteoroid carey schwinghammer we've got clouds and sun sixty nine and pflueger ville now get austin news on demand newsradio klbj dot com.

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