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Level on the go, Ah scenario, the Trump family was ready for a clear sky 50 degrees on Monument Circle. I'm Sean Herrick for Bill Estes. Ford. Here's what's trending at six. 30 Million's of ballots still being counted in Pennsylvania for the presidential election. President Trump's son, Eric Trump called the election and absolute fraud because Democrats are trying to cheat them out of it, he says. We've declared victory in Pennsylvania were up like 400,000 votes. With 86% of the precincts in 86%. We have Republican votes still coming in from Trump country. He accuses election leaders of hiding the counting process from Republican poll watchers. Joe Biden believes he's on the path to the presidency. I'm not here to declare that we've won. But I am here to report The count has finished. We believe we will be. The winner, he says, will be time to come together as a nation. Once the election is over, protests turning violent in New York City over the election, 60 people were arrested, but first they appear to be peaceful. But then it took a nasty turn. Protesters chanted Every vote counts, and they started shouting Anti police chance and then yelled and cursed Diners after raising a Joe Biden campaign sign that one person actually spit in a police officer's face, and the police chief was punched in the face, NYPD even confiscating weapons during the count. Rotation. That's Fox's Ashley Strohmeyer reporting. The Corona virus is surging all across the U. S with new Daily cases up by half over the last two weeks. Corona virus Maybe as bad as it's been in Indiana since the pandemic started, says state health Commissioner Dr Chris Box. Perhaps the greatest train right now is in our hospital workforce. Which is in the ninth month now of responding to this pandemic and facing the greatest patient load. Yes, she says. Some hospitals have asked for help staffing workers and I've had to rearrange their elective surgeries, you might say the Pittsburgh Steelers are scoring a touchdown with election workers, a group of players teamed up to buy dinner for those working at the Allegheny County ballot counting side in Pittsburgh. The spread came from a place called The Goose Express. Where players grab chicken, rigatoni, veggies, rolls, pies and much more. And the workers thanked them for their kindness. I'm Sean Herrick on the level on the going on Twitter at 93. W. II. Be sick,.

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