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That one of former President Trump's signature policies the border wall. I would secure the wall. We can't have a state we can have a country without a secure wall General on Fox News is Hannity program. The Biden administration endorsing a proposal to waive intellectual property rights protection for covert 19 vaccines. It's a move that supposed by drug manufacturers who argue that would hinder innovation. No, it's number of developing nations, led by South Africa and India have been pressing in the World Trade Organization for a temporary waiver of rules that protect patterns. Products used to tackle coded that he used top official has responded to the U. S shift by saying the block is willing to discuss the idea. Decision making in the W T O is done by consensus. So these latest developments do not guarantee that the proposed waiver will be approved. And that's the BBC's Andrew Walker. A so called Heartbeat bill has advanced in Texas, the state House of Representatives giving you measure preliminary approval it outlaws abortion, once an unborn baby's heartbeat is detected generally around six weeks. The legislation also clearing the way for lawsuits against doctors who perform abortions. In defiance of that law, pushing his $2.3 trillion spending plan. President Biden travels to Louisiana today The administration is called it an infrastructure plan Republicans. Oh say in reality, only a tiny part of the spending would actually go for traditional infrastructure projects. Dow Up 47 points and NASDAQ is down 82 more on these stories, a town hall dot com I have two dogs. Salmon Bailey, both our golden retrievers. Poor Sam..

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