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Is not until you get them to the track and they get to the other fifteen. Sixteen brands were not. You know what you've got so you're all of them are good. Put the cap on cowboys and Jerry. Only big yacht great. I always wanted to be a cowboy. But it's not until you get into the game until the fire and you ask to make a plane or you ask to prevent a plate then and only then will you know what you guys get. Everybody look good right now. Trump is short. Ooh everybody time. Everybody jumped high which football's play. I've seen a lot of guys that can run passenger man when it put them pads on look like or the play like Jane and all of a sudden that Cheetah turned into a snail. So we're about to find out. Bela we go by what you say is true by the way quick point of border one time in nineteen ninety two. Jimmy Johnson came to me the first day after the rookies came in not in pads just insurance and he'd taken kid in the sixth round who will go nameless for the sake of this conversation. Jimmy walked over to me and said so and so can't play. I said you just drafted him. He said I know but I saw him out here today. And he can't light up and he was right and you couldn't play okay so now I'm going to change. The subject to the ultimate differs maker in this debate. That we're having right now and I'm going to be objective about this because it's still going to come down to Dak Prescott Rain Dakota Prescott. We know he's going through some grieving because he lost his older brother and God help him and his family were with him on that. We're thinking about him but Shannon back on the football field when push comes to shove it's time to ask. Is this deal ever going to get done? And my point is there's such new momentum off this draft starting with CD lamb that. I'm hoping that once Dak gets through with the process you never get through with grieving. Your older brother but once once he gets back to the negotiating table. Which will happen pretty soon. I'm hoping he will feel the new momentum. I'm hoping you'll say gee I've CD lamb. He could be a new number one receiver. Maybe even better than Amari. And I still got Gallup and I still got Zeke and I still got that line and we have a better defense. And it's time to compromise a little bit. It's it's time to come to the middle of the table and try to get this deal finished for the sake of the football team so again if that is a hold out through whatever camp we have obviously he's going to miss the virtual off-season that they're going to have but if he's a hold out through camp through whatever preseason games there are hack if he's a hold out for games one and two which is still a distinct possibility. All bets are off. So now it's the ball is in Rain Dakota Prescott Court and I'm trusting. He's football character to help. Get this deal done. And they always try to make. A compromise is always the players have to take. The compromise is always the player. Peter That's being selfish no jerry. No no no you keep talking about. We've made offering. It's gotTa be right for us and you say oh. We have time to play football. He'll be here to play very dismissive. If I'm that Prescot I'm holding steady going. They keep.

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