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Flyweight champion county. Fight always is nice to see you guys. Thanks for coming in I WANNA even. Cal is a world champion. Debbie superfluity champion currently the longest active British reigning champion. Today which is fantastic. You stood only the second in the room with in Yemen dissent outside that anyway flirting dream fight being confirmed this week against four world. Champion Roman chocolate not no Gonzalez Gonzalez Trent everybody Frisco Texas Lot me gene control of one in for a long time and he's out there and get to getting you must be a massive fan but we all our me. You've been a bit of a superfan career. Huge Fan of what all the way through and into one of his fights in in La and he's unbelievable. What were right over to you you really just to just to see I was on vacation in? La Book of Mine trip over to the forum in the Inglewood Tanglewood and south to dispose of a episodes into rounds. Oh Wow he was amazing ah on. ESPN great to watch these. Is this on what you know what you gain when you see it guaranteed entertainment and you get the fighting which is surreal. Maybe a little bit was when he was announced for. Now it's just saw saw. Just gotTa do. What do we install improved to the world dominique for and it's a massive characters in the Ford Center at the staff twelve thousand seat arena? Which is going to act out for sure but you go mikey facing Jesse vagus which is a huge fight for maybe for boxing fans general certainly LIFA? The British boxing fans. You against Gonzalez is not only a great fight. US guaranteed to be lots of action but intriguing. Because you've established yourself knows a good fighter. Maybe not as active enough. I I would say but you you've shown equality going away from home. Hasn't been a problem because last year last three Pfizer being on on your foot on on a new case earlier team but if I apologise maybe not. That Gonzalez was a few years ago. But it's still no could still lag you. Maybe except for the losses that he was still being the pound for pound this these-these still lack of funds to the division steetch with quality fighters Eastern on his day to be any one hundred percent. And and that's what I need democracy at this point on big name the big challenge anti-death that fear factor to go for foreign summation to make sure that I'm going to bed thinking about the opponent waking up thinking about now opponent has been a frustration creation. Now you haven't been able to get Kushner defend your title and good performances but you are merely to get some of those big name around you but you have to get him in the ring. It's been it has been frustrating and not going to lie but then obviously are also Straw to vote for this for December and then he pulled out with a hand injury. Push back to the January. The Mommy show coming up and then he pulled out a game. So that was a very forthright and And then obviously Eddie worked his magic and and got me. The Big One chocolate fought that we've been looking for a long time Gary a huge party a better fight. Everything Ping Amazon Droop. Leaving everything happens for a reason truly degree. Then you'll you'll accept that now you've acknowledged it now. Kushner wanted to also ask you. Where are you GonNa do for sparring where you'll be done? Who would you go to the states and get styles styles so similar Hispanic style? That's a bit more similar to talk tesa yet. So I've got sparring day a mortgage far now of air book this woman in Sparring for when I go over there and then two weeks so yeah I think that's four so it and when will you go over confident Pfizer Twenty February bitches. No sooner gave looking at going on the eleventh. Okay I'll be over there for two and a half base yourself coast to the Yes Frisco. Probably About fifteen twenty minutes away from Frisco so you have cocoa gyms and your brothers. Both the camel's going to be fighting in the twenty seventh of Imagine Galilee got the the the qualifies as well so we'll come over the Gemayel's Gemayel's Komo remain and did to train and we've made it will fly out only eleven inside. The whole time cannot for the weekend the point and then get back. These Olympic qualifiers. This year is probably won't do many Styles yeah we're going to do any sparring comfortably can be there for the foyer and then get back in your pocket a legend. Let's be honest it and we do want to make audible Gonzales. Because I imagine that's what a lot of is being fee right now and and you're the champion of course but were they found only your super fan with offensive of of Gonzalez hundred percent that they live. What's important and even after the foyer? I will get picked you Says I would never even go to invoices after FEU because you'll be sad to what you said also get to in so many ways guy they're going to be so bittersweet that you get the only people say they get the box that many ways and you you've actually you've pretty intriguing. What was it what was it does become rivals? So that's that's the that's the time for. The Post really intrigued but talks an idol yours is almost unheard of to be. Everybody's done. It broke. Marciano did it with Joe. Louis was his idol. Everybody's done it. Most most of the top five is would have done it basically they fight as You know that preceded them will will coming up just underneath underneath them. Boulevard realize them you mentioned you just read on not nothing bombing company go was the in standard heavyweight and even though few had beaten him you know because that was a British robbery. Aj's never going to look up to a click and and we've could reason you know the man dominated the The heavyweight for many years so it's going to be tremendous you all aside and you'll have a game plan you know and To say something about the game plan I think he's GONNA BE A. It's GonNa be a bit both I'm GonNa have to box him. Tom And I'M GONNA have to put it on Amazon's for But that's awesome on. But all I know is guaranteed action guaranteed. I think we've him what's what we've noticed now. Is He Is More stable yet before the wedding was chocolate eater. What he's prime that that's right? She's an incumbent with counters. And he's just starting Salani ever saw that she can take Virgil especially as you great job as well think necessarily something that's going to keep Bennett's don't you think yeah hundred percent that's K and that's the first thing I think about when whenever think about four appointment for me I think. Think about it work in the body beginning up bringing food amid on and attack in the body. Do you think you'll be stronger. Him Him all year most of them most definitely. I'm the naturally bigger man. I'm a I'm a very big superfly white and I've got very long arms resume flow as well so I WANNA be using abundant. Well the worst thing you can do because yes areas a wealth of experience like seventeen. We'll find something silly like that and only lost a one man in even in the choice of course but the rhythm once he gets into a rhythm and he's very had to stop and think again you you talking about the job that's the perfect weapon to knock your strong. It is all because we've decided that the thing that were very stuck out some it's just how strong it was And that's what really offset offset chocolates here incoming because let's face facts. He doesn't do for me outside. He's he's probably one of the best mid range fires. We'll see in this or any any of our era and That's that's the Real Sea Your Jab Beena Avant. You just won't allow him to get his radio job. Jobs Cave in general It re- reset but no one's perfect. Of course there's never been a perfect Ray Robinson in warwick the weaknesses. Have you seen any no. Yeah he's He's a bit wall sometimes with that left opioid and He he does the raw opening opening twenty frozen punches in Maine Punches so it is easy to become and stays early bit too long now. Yeah and and the bodies well yeah bodies attacked off. uh-huh I think I think a decent body puncher so calming that work as well and he probably wouldn't have 'cause he used to box in South American type. They were more than happy to stand in front of him. They won't have the allocated goes back from the pedigree of GBS score the amateur. It's a pivot. You have the to quick. Turn moving on the Tackett will be will be good for you. Know ICAN eager blocker in or chase. You if you run away bill really does put pressure go. I see your face. You're thinking you're going to be pushing back but there'd be times that he's got a really good fights shop angles. You can produce cool. I think we'll causing problems hundred percent them shop on them. semi-circles will be doing place you going to say that those members who cows is going crazy incredible rate punch your incredible punch jazz division. You know you just I still believe you make sure you move your heading between you punch again. Oversee pivot comes in as well. You know If you stand in front of images can I know you're a target and he just really still good at catching encounter isn't it. Yeah so maybe it's two thousand sixteen when you wanna tell Lewis Conception was feeling show I know this belisce rival that Offering this'll be bigger the win over the course of this year. Because it's just take it to another level I'll be good to white world champion and But this is a full white champion and a former POMPA pounding and they will give me the recognition of deserve and and it will tell me if I'm a world class for to an elite four and this will and especially in a way to a in a in a lower weight so guy was an understandable difficult. It is to get your name out there in the broader sense. No boxing fans knew you ask the brother sent. Unless you're unless you're the heavyweight all slightly below not people tend to not much interested dish or fights. I feel not just domestically stickler but worldwide's might multiple. You're on I think that. Get away the games against Gonzales. In the state they want to see you again. There's a there's a list of fighters there no equality names. No proven champions really will want to fight you then of course the world so their bills and saves two thousand sixteen when you when you beat dues conception but only five defenses assist activity. Yep that's to me. That's the biggest grin. Look good but that lack of momentum to worry up to.

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