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Next category we're looking at is outstanding documentary the nominees include Miles Davis birth of cool the Apollo Toni Morrison the pieces I am true justice Brian Stevens fight for equality and the black godfather directed by our next guest Reginald Hudlin it's about the music executive who helped bill withers and Janet Jackson break through he wrangled Hank Aaron sponsorship deals with coca Cola he learned NFL player Jim Brown to the silver screen he's PD called when he got in trouble he has Barack Obama and Kamel Harris in his rolodex his name is Clarence avant and in the entertainment business he's known as the black godfather Reginald Hudlin whose produced films like Django Unchained and the Academy Awards he's also directed Marshall and house party he profile of art for documentary he interviewed nearly seventy five people from Quincy Jones to Bill Clinton all of whom can claim that Yvonne had a profound impact on their careers and their personal lives and of course husband speaks with the legend himself Reggie Hudlin join us last summer to talk about it so when I when people ask you a question why is Clarence a lot important why is he well the fact that you don't know who he is but he's been responsible for most of the biggest pop cultural events in the last fifty years it is global how is that possible that this guy is so influential but I don't know who he is and that you know I'm a well read person well that should make you go well that's a very powerful person that he knows that many famous people does not want to be famous but continues to shape popular culture why doesn't he want to be famous why didn't he want to be famous I think you learn very early on from the his mentors who were well I had one of his mentors were trapped Capone and to quote the great KRS one real bad boys move in silence and I think he took that to heart and his life story is is amazing he's from a climax North Carolina like I I Google things to do in climax North Carolina like merry's goat farm came up that was it like there's nothing going on and climax North Carolina he's born nineteen thirty one dash yeah one of eight children how would you describe his upbringing as they say sure cropping is not technically slavery but slavery right so it's it's a town where his mother said well if you're walking and you hear a truck approaching just run into the woods and lay flat so they won't see you because the presumption ads at any given time you will be a target like wildlife and they will kill you mmhm so end he had a stepfather who would physically beat his mother so it didn't matter inside the house at some of the house it was he it was a hostile violent environment and at thirteen he said I am going to do something about it and put rat poison his stepfather's food his little brother told his dad I would need that which meant he had to leave now most people who look for that be a set back you're kicked out of the house instead he got a train for the first time as life all went to summit New Jersey and his life transformed he started out in the music business yes he was managing a night club than he was spotted by Joe glazier ran a company called associated booking which had seven five percent of all the black entertainment acts in America from Louie Armstrong Duke Ellington Billie Holiday everybody and is that you've got an ability and we're going to cite you some people I don't want to do that well you're going to do it and he ended up managing black white or otherwise some of the biggest acts of that era and in the big city to Los Angeles where he really flourished one of things really get about Clarence a lot in this in the documentary is his fearlessness yes his ability to walk into any room speak his mind yes and make his points what was behind that fearlessness I think the same courage that made him say I need to kill my stepfather I mean you know I'm a sense of like I don't have any resources I don't have any contacts but I'm going to figure this out and I don't see any reason why I shouldn't as for as much as I can and I is easy for me to back down from there it and he so we have a strong sense of justice he got told sort of the matrix see kind of like this is how the world really works from Joe glazier and no matter what room he ascended to as he went higher and higher up the corporate food chain he always rose to the occasion while maintaining his values which is a pretty rare combination my guest is Reggie had them we're talking about his new film the black godfather which is about Clarence gave out one of the most significant men in the music industry and Hollywood specially in in the in the black entertainment industry that people don't know about him it's amazing in a document he's so funny he some such a certain era of us what he doesn't really want to talk to you then he's gonna talk to you about about stuff and he comes back this current refrain of it's all about the numbers it's all about the numbers any sort of suggesting it's all about the money but it really isn't only about the money for him when you really at the end of the day after all of these interviews is spending so much time with them when you think about yes but the money what else is it about well I mean it is about the money in that he wants measurable growth right and he looked around and says look there's a whole bunch of people who are creating value and they're not getting what they deserve for it so I'm going to fight for people to get their fair payment for the for the for the value that they create I mean he's fine for economic parity which is still the front lines of the battlefield me as the woman's the secretary right so he fought for that for black people for anybody and the second thing is he understood that he said look added March you know because if someone hits me I'll hit back I'm not the non violent got but the fact is he had a unique battlefield which is the border and whether it was going to coca Cola and you know getting Hank Aaron the biggest endorsement deal that any athlete ever have the time at a time were Hey it was about to break Babe Ruth's record not only not getting an endorsement offers but getting death threats a by the back full every day so his okay here's unfairness and I'm going to make it right which she did and you know it was great for Hank does but great for coca Cola it was great for America and that's that's him all day every day my guess is Reggie Hudlin we're talking about his new documentary the black godfather which is all about Clarence Avon he got involved with politics and this is a great clip we have of the first time Andrew young and counter Clarence a lot and the sort of figured out what he could do for him let's take a listen all the religions known I really didn't know him so I called and we call up in these to you and the young I said yeah these are you running for Congress as India he's a in Georgia for the he's a are you crazy other well I don't know but program he said well if you crazy enough to run I'm brave enough to try to help you.

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