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Knew that you know they would get like a lot of attention. And i would catch wind of that then i saw the i i. I'm trying to think of like the. I got real excited. When i heard that tyson was going to do the roy jones thing interesting because it was excited because it was mike tyson and like just being going back the nostalgia of being a kid and literally thinking. That guy was like superman you know like the baddest man on the planet and i was like really and and also seeing that he was training again for so i was like because he looked crazy in his pre. And what did you think of the fight. Terrible terrible but i mean so i got more excited for logan taken a chance that mike tyson come about well an older guys come back and like what's going on well like what bad decision but also make you gotta come back. Roy was not did not look like he's trained for it pretty soft. He didn't look great. No his life insurance by pretty i. Yeah and and i was like But then they also weren't hitting the face is like jones bat which is whatever whatever billion paul floyd. You're like all right. Well then. I saw jake faith the venezuelan not. I didn't see him five ben. I saw Nate robertson isn't dude. And i go from being from the little bit of boxing training that i've had and i was like this it scream to me Amateur energy of like yet. Because he would he would run towards him. And i could see that the adrenaline was taking over and he was just trying to any idea what he's doing he was trying to scrappy. Streetfight like i'll fuck it into work and not boxing like not even national not a professional good bear. Here's what's interesting like. I knew he was again. I didn't think you'd get fucking highlight. Reel knockout. i knew going to lose. 'cause i got word going to fight like eighteen spar i went. What am i guess. Yeah he didn't smart. Why unlike what see. That's that's the that to me streams. I'm i'm a great athlete and that will translate to everything which is clearly it doesn't. He is a phenomenal athlete. Fighting's different fighting assisted. They're not usually a especially the top guys like you know. They're not running four fours in the forties. Not forty inch vertical. Like having close but the skills but he's obviously not appreciating that right like you watch that you like. He thinks which is weird. That i can just go in. This has great level account. Whisper near like damned host burns bar just like tear worry but people were like. You're you're a bad. You'll beat this person because he was like a better who did learn from that was shadow. Joe cinco so. When i remember when i was doing the way in those doing the show for that and chad. Ocho cinco de house keys on this car like yeah. Do you get the notes ghana. And they're like he's fighting. This guy from bareknuckle michael. That's a two. Why would you match up with the guy who's been bare knuckle like i'm crazy..

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