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I'm afraid to try something new i'm trade to start eating differently are it's just so easy to go into the old pattern even though the oh pattern is not is hurting is not lifegiving and so the risk of failure or the fear of uncertainty these different things are what the out calls on to dash our desire to create something even better once you start taking that step even if you do it at night just in your dreams before you go to like i'm hoping to dreams so many people stop dreaming i'm like oh no no don't give out two cynicism all those things start just dreamy and they're like wow that's amazing i've started to dream again yes give mind out of the way and we can move forward so this power of hope in action which key is you don't just have hope in these visions but you actually move and when it's true hope you are pool towards that just as you were pool to want to do this amazing radio show continuously new spite all the facts of the contract there of the destruction and pollution things are happening wait a minute i know that together we can change this we could changes for ourselves bar children are childrens children all the other species children hope is an energy source and we each get to choose it well dr sanchez what a wonderful beautiful note to end our interview ads unfortunately our time is up i have so many more questions than i'd love to explore with you but we'll just have to let our listeners explore your book the four sacred gifts i want to thank our listeners to joining us i want to remind everyone that suits sleuth radio is produced by dan hemelgarn at kop and studios and beautiful downtown colombia misery and i especially want to thank my guest dr anita sanchez a powerful visionary of mexican american and aztec heritage she has written a wonderful book she is here at the time i think that we need her message is the most the frankie so much for.

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