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This guy don't listen to this guy but if he comes out missing sir wayne trust work roster so i think there's a missed opportunity because they should have been there to say hey we're here we're here to work with you you a you said that immigration his top perdi what is that mean tier what what kind of immigration reform so and someone who boys the system is wrote have come out publicly supported path to citizenship but i do believe that once we get past those who were here we have to make sure we address this or not missed calm in the began and again in a few years question up high speed rail because we're three district you laughing you saw that coming we're second ago is it that what's the future of it is there any way that there could be some negotiations some compromise on that because it's being built and you know this project itself i think that the way that the the boards operate the way they've been dishonest i think this project needs to die it was a lot of opportunity of course on your side of the aba what concerns to you have a based on anything you know earning you've seen or heard since the election going forward what what would you like to hear from the new president and it's something that i've actually hurt he's very good at which is listening but i know he says that on the campaign trail but from people to talk to you who of met with them i don't people who are looking at differ appointments i've actually hurt he's really good at listening and people were surprised when effect that he would ask good questions of people that's true because i'm without having a background in politics.

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