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The CDC guidelines, including facemask seem necessary for a virus. She believes Israel kind of. I believe it's real, but I think it's Maybe a little Coke. See, this man has his doubts isn't really is dangerous. People say I don't know. And then there's this Washington resident who says he's anti mask and despite the president's diagnosis is face coverings shouldn't be required anywhere. Herd immunity, open it up and let's just get out of my life. Experts say more than a million Americans would have to die before the nation came even close to herd immunity. This is ABC News. It is 74 here in Seattle COLUMN Oh news Saturday. Let's get to John Nelson would look a camo traffic every 10 minutes on the force. Looking at a very foggy camera shot. Looks like we might have state troopers or some sort of emergency vehicle on scene of his I five in the North found direction right around 45th Street fog and that that's definitely something to watch out for other than that. We're looking at pretty much smooth sailing on I five through downtown Seattle Floating bridges, both looking good across Lake Washington. Travel time Right now, Wrench into Seattle will take about 15 minutes. Ever to Seattle will take about 28 minutes. Our next promo traffic at 7 14. Darren's on helping out this morning from a coma Weather center plenty of fog around this morning. In fact, it's going to linger through a lot of the afternoon as well. We're going to watch that folks slowly dissipated. Get towards the end of the day. So you get a couple sun breaks before the sun goes down, but do plan on saying foggy, not just plain old, murky for a good portion today but mainly drive with exception of some missed out there associated with fog. Highs today. They're going to be in the mid to upper sixties. Now. Tomorrow we also go mostly cloudy, Maybe a little bit of drizzle in the morning, but afternoon sun breaks out there on Sunday temperatures again in the mid sixties and then Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. We're staying dry clouds the morning sun of the afternoon in the couple of the system turns on Colonial Looks like you might have to change your idea of even any kind of fishing that has opportunity for you this weekend because the fog Gonna be take on the water. You can't even see the end of the boat round here right now. It's 55 into coma. And according to 48, lots of parking area there 55 force the real dense fog in many parts of the city Here in Seattle. Come on, Stay connected. Stay informed. Cho, Mo Saturday. You all caught up now. Top stories we have from overnight to Komal 24 7 News Center. I'm Mark Christopher. It's good to have you with us. Seattle police detectives looking into two people that have dived. It's a shooting and then a hit and run on this one shoots. The shooting happened at 87 Seward Park Avenue South, They found a man shot at Atlantic City Boat ramp. People there say than a car drove away man driving that car was involved in a hit and run collision with a pedestrian. At the intersection of Rainier Avenue south of Martin Luther King Jr Way south of Pedestrian was killed again. The driver in that vehicle took off If you have any information as to call Seattle P. D two staff members of Pine Lake Middle School and is a clown Alan isolation testing positive for the virus, the superintendent there, confirming that the staff members did not come in contact with students. Right now. Only a handful of special education students are taking in person lessons at the school. The building closed yesterday for cleaning is expected to reopen on Monday. One of the major steps and testing positive for covert 19 is contact tracing with the president traveling all over the U. S. Sometimes speaking.

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