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Oh that's a good question a call whereas my guy said he showed me a <hes>. I'm not starting over from you know from the bottom starting over some experience starting over you know i've got two years as of experience under my belt which has been good for <hes> but no learning from brennan marshall is definitely hope i like this is not the first time they brought in veterans right ricky broaden of all bowling the secondary brian johnson e man tell you everybody involved says and brandon so you know i've. I've had to take a step back and learn from guys. The biggest thing is when you're in this position. Is you gotta learn you sit there and say i gotta plan like i'm now. It's my time and we should tom cruise. You're never ready so i'm just taking him a step back and just do i. I can learn a lot from bernie more from by been assistant learn from no not necessarily a bigger do all right how to spend is deficient in the big. Thing is our division opinion. You look around and you know. We're not going to a lot of proline right and i got throwing hunger. Spread you out for to cover tight end for sure to cover running back for you. Take brandon marshall c._n._s. icon from that guy so we've got to sit there and learn much property comes. You got yesterday practice. We're talking about here even brandon marshall being coverage linebackers at some point after after teeth session you probably know where i'm going but but like they ran two routes to running backs watched it against the french marshal and he kind of shook him out of us there and then the next one will be against or was it was doug martin and you stay with them and knocked that ball done. Is there any kind of like when you guys get back over there like yeah ah i got it. I got this one for me man. I like like i say i can't. I can't look at it like that because i learned a little bit and i learned from his mistakes there too right right. That's funny. You said. I didn't look at it like that. I just kept waiting to i wasn't like this. You know i was paying attention to what they're doing the stuff that was trying to figure something knocking. I can do it okay so it's basically every player in the n._f._l. As as areas that wondering season obviously this being your third third season. What what areas would you say. You're focusing on specifically right now to to uh biggest thing is recognizing formations <hes> jet motions y emotions those different types of r._p._o. Looks like is understanding. The formation offices are doing you know a couple of times last year. I found found myself in no man's land because i didn't see the flashers. I didn't see the jets. I didn't see the goals desk just understanding those different formations and mostly the dog missile doing pre snaps. It helped me. You know make that make that faster because some some of the players that i missed i could've made plays. I just couldn't understand hey. This is what to do so just getting taking the next understanding office is trying to do to us in search of sales off for macy's every time. We've mentioned <hes> special teams around. He has seemingly made a point to bring you up like don't forget tomorrow what he did last season what he did for me last the season. He's one of our national teams guys.

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