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From abc news i'm chuck cevers in this show of american military might to north korea us bombers inflight escorts today have flown to the farthest point north of the border between north and south korea by any us aircraft this century pentagon says the planes were in international airspace north korea's four minister riano at the un general assembly today firing back at president trump for threatening to destroy his nation over its nuclear ambitions saying through a translator the president trump is on a suicide mission and should be held responsible if any innocent lives are lost we will make sure that he bears causi calls is far beyond hit he's worse far beyond the scope of what he can handle even if we is he's ready to do so china says it will limit oil supplies to north korea under un sanctions stepping up pressure on pyongyang over its pursuit of nuclear and missiletechnology iran just test fired this new ballistic missile iranian government media and put it on the air iran says the rocket as a range of about twelve hundred miles in and says the tests does not violate the iran nuclear agreement because it is not designed to carrier to carry nuclear weapons senator bill cassidy louisiana republican will defend the latest republican obamacare repeal bill before a senate panel on monday the senate finance committee hearing being held even though the measures prospects are considered dim more strange attacks in britain and stratford with police call a noxious substance used in several attacks group of males doing it let an ambulance service says that at least five people were being treated of course not a mark white or parker's at sky news and london scotland yard kennedy are not creeping a terrorist related incident of course in wine kappend in london and a male's where we could monks many people will automatically think about her a lot worse case scenario but a age police say they are not treating this terrorist and you're listening.

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