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Live from NPR news arginine herbst President Biden meets with Pope Francis at the Vatican this morning as NPR Scott d'etre reports it's the first stop on a 5 day diplomatic trip Before Biden left Washington he urged Democrats in Congress to vote on a major piece of infrastructure legislation that has been stalled for months The vote didn't happen and with his agenda up in the air Biden flew to Europe for two major summits First Biden hold a series of one on one meetings with Pope Francis French president Emmanuel Macron and Italy's president and prime minister Biden and Francis are expected to talk about climate change the pandemic and their economic agendas the Macron meeting is trickier for Biden To make good of sorts after Biden's submarine deal with the United Kingdom and Australia enraged France and caused it a major military contract to supply Australia with subs Scott did for NPR news Rome President Biden put in a last ditch effort yesterday to rally a disparate faction of his party behind a $1.7 trillion framework that includes healthcare child care and climate programs As empires dear to a Walsh reports he's urging House Democrats to support the package and to pass a long delayed bipartisan infrastructure Bill House speaker Nancy Pelosi says even though the president's plan doesn't include paid family leave many of the party's priorities are in it Nearly a $1 trillion in universal pre-K child care child tax credit home healthcare and the rest The left wing of the party is on board but its members are insisting that both the infrastructure Bill and the social safety net bill be voted on at the same time Pelosi wanted to move on infrastructure this week but that's had to be postponed Instead the House approved a short term extension to fund highway programs through early December as negotiations continue dear dear Walsh and PR news the capital In Oklahoma the first execution by lethal injection in more than 6 years took place last night with complications 60 year old John Marion grant vomited and convulsed as he was put to death for the 1998 killing of a prison cafeteria worker Associated Press reporter Sean Murphy witnessed the execution As the drugs began to flow he the first drug the midazolam he exhaled deeply He began convulsing about two dozen times in full body convulsions and then began to vomit which covered his face Murphy says grant was given two more injections and declared dead about 6 minutes later grant is the first inmate to be executed since a series of flawed executions in 2014 and 2015 Royal financial markets Asian markets ended the day in mixed territory the nikkei the main market in Japan gained a quarter of a percent The hang seng and Hong Kong was down 7 tenths of a percent European markets are trading lower this morning in U.S. futures contracts also lower You're listening to NPR news It's doubling in my see it takes so far a good Friday morning and Michael hill 50 and clear most of the cloudy today and 58 but a wind advisory later on details this morning or actually delays this morning on MJ transit railroad valley line In the news now facing a looming deadline more than 19,000 New York City first responders which include police and firefighters have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19 This is according to the latest city data beginning on Monday all city workers must show proof of at least one vaccine dose or they will be sent home without pay Mayor de Blasio predicts a surge of in vaccinations among city workers in the coming days he says city agencies would address shortages by assigning mandatory overtime at adjusting workers shifts as of Wednesday 86% of roughly 380,000 city workers have been vaccinated New York City sanitation workers are missing more trash pickups than usual this week maybe you can respond to the new COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city employees since made de Blasio announced the rule last week Trash complaints to three one one have more than quadruple the canarsie section of Brooklyn has recorded a 179 recent complaints up from just 9 during the same period a month ago Garvin a North Sea resident who declined to give his last name says trash pickup usually happens on time but over the past week that has not been the case A lot of rodents in this area you have raccoons you have bought songs And it's not really healthy that I've always Josh Leona wrong You know it seemed like they had a goal City workers must take at least one dose of COVID-19 vaccine by 5 p.m. today or go on unpaid leave on Monday I missed to be the complaint has been filed against former New York governor Andrew Cuomo for forcible touching WRC has been Hogan reports The complaint from the Albany county sheriff's office alleges the former governor groped the breast of a woman in December of 2020 inside the executive mansion Brittany so an executive assistant made a formal complaint with the sheriff in August But there was confusion as news of the sheriff's complaint broke Sources later told the times union paperwork was filed prematurely and no final decision had been made about whether to formally charge Cuomo The Albany county district attorney said they too were surprised the complaint had been filed Cuomo's lawyer seized on the confusion as further evidence allegations against him were politically motivated Your forecast now We have a wind advisory from two day until two in the morning and means gusts up to 50 miles an hour saturated ground combined with that wind could lead to trees coming down and power lines as well Otherwise mostly cloudy with a high new 58 it's 49 in overcast now Support for NPR comes.

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