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That kept the seven play sixty two yard drive and three fifty five that is tonight scoring drive the game brought to you by investors bank get the New York Giants checking account only from investors bank rose cents tacked on the extra point giants reclaim the lead ten seven bangles responded with a twelve play forty three yard drive that milk nearly six minutes it stalled at the giants thirty two yard line to Randy bullock nailed a fifty yard field goal and ball teams headed into the locker room tied a tank we move it to the fourth quarter it was now seventeen ten bangles giants took over just under thirteen minutes ago Kyle a letter was now in a quarterback on thirty nine for the New York twenty seven he found tight end Garrett Dickerson for twelve yards and two plays later on second and nine from the giants forty found Dickerson again for eighteen and big blue is once again in bangles territory act of forty two after John Hillman ran for five a letter through one deep down the right sideline connected with Reggie white junior for thirty six yards setting the giants up at the one Simon set in motion to the right out of the back is filament takes to handle tries to pick his way to the right side and is it through the years over the school and the giants cut the lead to seventeen sixteen with eight thirty four hilemon second touchdown in as many games giants went for two which we were certainly all thankful for and converted as a lead a hooked up with Alonzo Russell giants moved back and front eighteen seventeen after the ensuing kickoff went for a touchback bangles took over there on twenty five the drive stalled at the twenty nine so since he turned to its punting gold it from his own thirty cuts laughter thirty five.

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