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Of shooting two people in the store One died 38 year old Instacart shopper Justin and another 56 year old Fred Meyer employee Mark hill was critically injured Richland's interim police chief Bridget clary says they are still piecing together what happened There's nothing that indicates to our investigators that there was any kind of relation between the suspect and our victims According to court documents a former roommate said Kelly was spiraling mentally in the weeks and months before the shooting He also has a history of shoplifting at a Kennewick Fred Meyer Kelly is appeared in court but his arraignment was postponed until February 23rd he remains in the Benton county jail on $1 million bond Kelly Blair northwest news radio A former member of the U.S. climbing team is accused of child rape 28 year old Alexander Fritz is accused of having sexual contact with underage athletes ranging at age from 12 to 16 Fritz worked with climbing athletes as a coach and root center at vertical world climbing Jim and Redmond The case has been forwarded to the FBI for possible federal charges due to allegations of crossing state and county borders Fritz's being held that's the humus county jail of $500,000 bail And for the Beacon plumbing sports desk sounders join another Seattle snowbirds in the California desert here's Bill Schwartz 85° in Palm Springs where Seattle's MLS team holds the second part of its soccer camp Some of the international players have come back to sounders giving coach Brian schmitzer other formation options Trying to see what four two three one looks like incorporating Albert with some of his new teammates Those are the nuances that I'm hoping to cram in in this last 8 days before we head off down to Honduras That's where the sounders play matagua to start a two match Concacaf series Cincinnati Bengals have arrived in Southern California for Super Bowl practice Sunday They're four and a half point underdogs against the LA rams I had a Thursday's NBA trade deadline The Portland blazers and New Orleans pelicans swapped 7 men CJ McCollum Larry Nance junior and Tony Snell I'll go to the big easy Indiana Pacers in a 6 player deal with Sacramento former Gonzaga big man to modest sabonis goes to the kings and the Seattle kraken came out of the NHL all star break acquiring a center Austin zernik off waivers from the New York islanders tomorrow night the kraken skate on climate pledge ice against the Arizona coyotes Sports with swords.

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