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I feel like you can not old enough to work in all the way. Go ahead. I felt like you could figure out everything from country because I worked in an old age home in Israel. And then I worked in an old age home here in America, and I even worked a little bit in an old age home in the UK, but not for very long just for a day or two, but but actually spending time in these places in Israel and in America that you can learn a lot from country by how they treat their old people. And we do not treat our old people will do that is so good. What a great point there. The people that help build a country, and once they get people will. I mean, not say, I'm touched now because old people get as nobody wants to help them even family members. But. It's kind of like me. I will take every dime of my social security money. That's put it in a system, and I'm going back and I think the government should take care. People's health wise should be matter of fact, I should be some of your greatest days in life. Government should take care of you. Yeah, and the best way I had a joke at one point where I was talking about collecting antiques and entities collectibles and be like if you have a lunchbox and you have a person at some point in your life, you look at the person as an American. You go, wow, that person's worth way more than this is ten lunch bucks. But if you fast forward seventy years, that lunchbox becomes really worth a lot. Everybody wants that is collectible, that old person, nobody wants him. Trying to get rid of them. It's backwards. People become less collectible is. So in that way, I do think maybe this country has the government. They deserve. Maybe it's maybe it's the shakeup and the wake up that they need. Sometimes we think that maybe this is good that we have this guy office wake up, shake up that we need a lot of happen, especially for the women. You know, we're not for Trump. We'll grabbing the peop- the private apart probably wouldn't have all these ladies coming out saying, I was sexually abused, assaulted, whatever. So you you, you may be right and that you are right, and and some ways that maybe we deserve this right now and this time one is going to be for the better. I know that I remember hearing something about, like how. The idea of God is that God is light. And if God is pure light in the whole world is God. Then how is their darkness and says that God does kindness by creating darkness so that we seek light because he knows sometimes you need the darkness to to find the light, the lighter, too immature. That's how I feel about it. And that's the right way. You just described that perfectly and we wanna thank you this day. America has learned from you. You have been wonderful. I've learned a lot from you today, and I wanna thank you so much for the. Opportunity to learn from you today. And I'm sure he'll listen to us. Learn on George Wallace signing off on more, but. You want to do the last one. I'll do the last one. Sometimes you got to show without tension. Sometime you gotta get off stage. You know, you can't do let it go. So what's that last one is number one. If in a state state you do not hear the noise of conflict. Be sure that freedom is not there. Well, that just speaks exactly exactly what took them backwards because I knew would come back to. We already answered all of the quest era. Brilliant, man, I appreciate you might school. You know, I told you that before the smartest person in the world. Well, so you plenty smart to me. I, I enjoyed talking to learn more. I would like to go back to school. I really this. This is something that's. I grew up in marketing and advertising. I was taught back in the day. Never speak what people understand. You always speak where they don't misunderstand..

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