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Because i put on a state as well for the same thing because if you look on the field stuff they look like they could be really talented in like a wrecking ball in the conference. You look at the off the field stuff. And it's an absolute dumpster fire. So which way is the table going to turn just a terrific set logos in this conference. Just terrific settle. Logos agree with jack. I think it's. Ucla and usc will have a great quarterback and they'll have clay helton great receivers. They'll go nine three ten and two. They'll win games that you're like. Oh this program is back back. And then they'll just lose to arizona state and i don't think that's overly interesting. Washington i think will be really good. But washington's is not very strong at quarterback. They're going to be like novacaine. I think they've finished like eleven to one ten and two. They're not going to be sexy at all ucla. I think people have forgotten how awesome chip. Kelly was as a college football coach. He doesn't get enough credit for completely changing the sport of change the sport jiang of college football football. His offense his his tempos his his ideas his way spread out the read option. He did so much to advance football. I even think mike leach gets more heated because he deserves it but michael miley stayed in college. Yeah mike leach gets more credit than chip kelly which may be worthy but he really and those oregon teams were like so much fun entering year. Four of chip kelly. Your three doesn't really count. We're also entering his most experienced team. He had to change when chip. Kelly comes somewhere has to change everything. Yes it changed. The offense change every single thing and now we're actually going to see it and during thompson robson. They got a lot back on defense. They got transfer running back i think. Ucla and again one of the best logo in america. Just look at that. Beautiful logo cursive. I love carson correct. I run incarceration loses. That's why you like it so much. I do probably also like the go also in cursive. Yes yeah. I don't like it as much observation. I just made your so strong in your observers saw I don't know if we're gonna get the most intriguing things we're going to make the most depressing things who is cows quarterback in two thousand seven disarray. Pushing i gonna get it. But it's not anything obvious. Yeah his aaron. What everyone's gone. Kabul was way earlier. I have to go through the holiday cobbler and then erin and then this guy. Yeah this guy who is. It's not something need something. Natan his last name. Why are you asking me. Why did you ask that if you didn't know the answer questions because i already forgot it. The only reason we brought it up. 'cause yesterday i was talking to. Evan bows sankoh. Ibo stats guy. What's happening about the twenty. Two thousand seven. Yeah season and how cows in the top ten for a very long time. That's wasting who's their quarterback so we do see most guests. They're back guess what who. They're running backs. Were at the time Job at best marshawn lynch. Now marshawn nate longshore. Thank you jack. No thank you for that trip down memory lane. The running backs were java. best and force it. Okay all right most depressing team in each power. Five conference I don't know how y'all do. Start with the sec. I guess we could say the same gonna same word at once. And then we'll move on one two three out in tennessee. Yes katie missouri tennessee. Well i like i guess. I don't think that's all together. I think it's good answer..

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