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To the right hand side where they had that little bunch at and then Jalen Ramsey did a great job because anytime you're the number two defenders, which he was, you have to play outside in. He did not let that receiver get outside of him. He made sure he made that tackle Samir Bird was trying to block Jalen Ramsey and Ramsey said No, sir. Third down and 15. Now two receivers left to the right. Dalton is in the shotgun with Montgomery to his left three down linemen for the Rams. Here's the snap. Four man Rush Bolton pumps to his right looks left throws that side that's caught on the sidelines by Bird tackled by long shy of the first down. But a nice game. We'll see what Matt Nagy wants to do. Now. He went forward on fourth and four on the last drive. This will be fourth down and around four yards inside the 40 at the 38 Yard line. It's a gain of 11. And the offense is staying out there. Matt Maggie understands he has to score points to stay with this football team because they are explosive. I think everybody saw what Matthew Stafford did in that first drive. How how strong his arms still is. And how many weapons do you has on the offensive side? They're going to put points on the board. The Bears have two points on the board in the first half. This will be fourth and four. They need the Rams 34 for a first down dolphin. The shotgun trips right single man left. Here's the snap back looking about Russia Don't hit ball was out loose on the term. Recovered by Rams Right now. They're saying it's a fumble. Rams football. Justin Hollins is the man that knocked it out of there, and Kenny Young came away with it. The Rams defense stands tall again. Just in Holland. He came around, stripped the ball just a speed rush on the outside. In a so tough and just Jason Peters. He needs a set back further to make that block on the outside. He didn't get there. This Rams defense. This Rams football team just seems very fast right now, a lot faster than the Bears football team. We talk about Aaron. Donald. We know what he can do. Jalen Ramsey has been a big part of this, but we're seeing so many other guys get involved, whether it's long or Hollins, Kenny Young, so many different guys making plays right now for the Rams, they'll take over at their own 42.

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