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Of the very bloody and brutal dakota war that occurred in eighteen sixty two in the very middle of the civil war where there were eight hundred settlers mostly women and children by the way who were slaughtered and they weren't slaughter by the cavalry they were slaughtered by some of the native american warriors some of the same ones who were then put on trial for murder and rape in any of it why theodore roosevelt and if theodore roosevelt is going to be attacked if abraham lincoln is going to be attacked should we have any statues of anybody who should we have statues of who who would be permissible to include and statues one eight hundred nine five five seventeen seventy six here's the story about the teddy roosevelt statue one of my favorite places in new york city is the museum of natural history which is a phenomenal museum i love museums natural history general el i've museums generally but the new york museum of natural history whenever i have friends who go to new york and they haven't been there before they haven't been their long tacit gold museum of natural history because it is so phenomenal that's such a fascinating collection of stuff and different exhibits and different eras of the exhibits an okay theodore roosevelt as a private citizen and then as governor of new york and then as president of the united states and then as a former president a theodore roosevelt was one of those people who was response bowl for collecting specimens for the museum of natural history for supporting it for building it into the great institution it is and they have honored him with a statue in its role again is a wonderful statue showing him on horseback which he was very proud of he led a special regiment in the spanishamerican war called the rough riders which was composed of equal parts of former polo players in ivy league schools as theodore roosevelt was from harvard and then there were a bunch of cowboys who he he had recruited real cowboys because he had gone out and spend time as a cowboy in a ranch in north dakota during a time when he was mourning the death of his wife and his mother who died within 24 hours of each other and in.

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