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Support for npr and the following message come from georgetown university featuring parttime master's degrees answered certificates in downtown d c and online information at sc s dow georgetown dot edu slash npr hey there podcast her thanks for downloading at i hope you enjoy our hometown show this week one of the cool things about this episode is it's age range we've got the full range of perspective first off you're going to hear a 12yearold performing a showpiece with that fantastic carefree 12yearold energy and the show concludes with an eighteen year old in his first month of conservatory and who is reshaping his music in a deeper more thoughtful way i think you'll like all the life stages on the show here it is from npr from the tom celebrating the power of music in the hands of america's came here's our host concert pianist chris federal riley thank you very much and welcome it's great to be back in boston we've got another inspiring show for our hometown crowd here at new england conservatories jordan hall and for all our listeners across the country today it's all musicians from the boston new york corridor you're going to hear and outstanding young women's chorus from boston's famous handle an haydn's society a boston area violinist who grew up with such enthusiasm for the classical music scene here he attempted to do everything it had to offer at once and we're going to meet and outstanding candidates who moved from shanghai to study at the juilliard pre college program in new york we're gonna start things off with the youngest musician on today's show also from new york from ryan new york this is 12yearold cellist sean you.

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