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They built a decent offensive line assuming joe thomas comes back healthy so why not use that offensive line sign kirk cousins that experienced guy who doesn't care about the fact that the you know you trade it away wentz in watson in new this you know i think her cousins is confident enough in his own skills with jackson is the coach that he can be a guy can win games there and then you drafts a running back who's gonna make play action just explode with the threat of him in that backfield that's what i would do if they are drafting a quarterback keep in mind like to shawn watson we sit here and go he was a great system fit in houston there was a lot of scepticism here in houston the bill o'brien would deployed to shawn watson properly because all we've done was always watched was brock osweiler in brian hoyer and ryan mallett and all these guys who are far from two shawn watson and to bill of rights credit he tweaked his system and he went back and i'm i'm assuming he looked at a lot of this stuff he did a clemson he probably talked to dabbo sweeney and bill obrien put a playbook together and added plays every week that were watson friendly kind of plays that involved his ability to to use his legs it involved his uncanny ability to to play fake a lot of movement in the back field with slot receivers and running backs a lot of things to ten of throw defense is off a little bit so it's not so much the quarterback that fits hue jackson's system do we think you jackson like what are we think his system is right now their own sixteen last year brock osweiler was their quarterback in training camp to sean kaiser quarterback throughout the season hugh jackson you hope if he's the guru that everybody says he is whoever they draft he taylor's whatever etailers the offense to them if it's baker mayfield then you do some things or baker mayfield you do some things like bill o'brien and did adding to a you know adding some some plays that involve using his legs sam darnell more of a.

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