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Own unbound dot or traffic every 15 minutes next. Porteno three on New Jersey, one at one point New Jersey 11.5 instant whether some pleasant weather on the way this week might have a little rain to deal with by Thursday, But overall, it looks like a pretty good stretch of weather ahead. Clear, breezy. It's such a fall in the air tonight lows around 50 across most of Jersey. Sunshine's Ryan. Cool weather expected Tuesday 65 to 70. I need a life jacket or a sweater in the morning hours, mainly sunny Wednesday to begin some clouds move up from the south later on in the mid seventies. Thursday cloudy chance of rain, especially south highs up around 80. I'm meteorologist Mark Thibodeau, and now it's 66 Neptune 61 in Pompton Plains in 66 Hamilton. Fast traffic instant weather every 15 minutes. Our New Jersey one a 1.59 15, Michelle and Eric in for Trev. He's back tomorrow night 1 800 to 831 on 1.5 talking about pet peeves thing That's just a noise. What is your I got? I got one on I got somebody who responded to my thank you on Facebook, it says from Ellen. I also like saying you're welcome when I don't get a thank you. You're not alone with that pet peeve, and I often say it very pleasantly pretending I heard a thank you in there somewhere. So I'm not the only one. And if somebody why would always say thank you, But if I didn't or they didn't hear me and they said you're welcome. I wouldn't take offense to that. I would be like, Oh, my God. No, I said sorry. I said thank you. You know what I mean? And I would apologise.

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