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President-elect who is set to take office in January is having to defend himself against charges of tax evasion. Mr. scenario campaigned hard on an anti-corruption ticket. He appealed to many voters because of his clean track record in congress where hundreds of members being investigated for corruption. These allegations emerged after the Brazilian tax. Authorities found over three hundred thousand dollars at float in and out of the account of an aide to Mr. both sonars son Flavio the president-elect said some of the money had been found in his wife's account because the eight had been repaying a loan to him. He'll say called it a mistake to the money had not been included in this tax return that report from the BBC Peruvians votes Sunday it a referendum aimed at curbing corruption has the South American nation tries to put it into a scourge. That has led lawmakers judges and even former presidents behind bars this is townhall dot com. Family physician. Dr Charles Neider and tells us about a possible blood test for cancer, the potential of the simple tests on blood that detects most of the common cancers is very exciting. Australian researchers are claiming that they have won so far it's been positive and ninety percent of a sample about seventy patients with breast prostate lung. Colorectal cancer was negative on the blood of people who did not have a clinically diagnosed cancer. If this test proves successful, it could be done cheaply an easily in the medical office. This is Charles every Washington Zealand police said Sunday, they found a body. They believe to be that of missing twenty two year old British tourists, grace Mullane. Place said that the body was in a forested area. On saturday. A twenty six year old man was charged with murder in her case after he was detained for questioning by police. More of these stories at townhall dot com. Patrick foss. Geico presents eyewitness interviews.

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