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Go slow right. But i mean that research is like five minutes before we start to spots. I the best having to do that was fresh in your phone out. So what brought around the so first of all the name six feet under. What's what's the deal with the name we we had a for. We had another named i. Because we like this. Show homage your mother and they have these joke about opening a bar and the name was going to be puzzles. Okay and that was the first name we had forgot about that. Like it was a dumb name. Like white puzzles That's we were going to do that. And then sixty eight hundred km can ask you meanings. I pitched the idea and a came from. There's a song by my favorite bands call. They're also damage. Song called six feet under the stars and the song is pretty much about hollywood and Kind of dealing with like the shit side of hollywood and like everybody wants to be famous and everything but at the end of the day we're all under the ground six feet under the stars so it's kinda talking about like you're under We're kind of like going to the same shit in you. Know at the end of the day wrong. Die wrong having the same crap. So there's no reason trying to be famous to be someone that you're not roy. So that's kind of where we kind of got her from kind. Came about okay. So what did he get cremated. I'm sorry you're you're six feet over the weekend. I know that i am yeah. We're mexico. We can't afford can't do that. I'm going to try my momma slagging fucking dope so told yes a little bit about what your show is what you guys try to do with it So our show. We basically try to bring anybody in the local area And anyway that's got whether it be their artist painter there musician their film writer director. Whether they're starting a business we were about getting to know the people in our local areas. We wanna go ahead and transport them and kind of give them a platform to talk about what they got going on right so other people can learn about him especially nine with code and everything. It's obvious the ones that are suffering. The most are the local businesses and the artists. Because they don't have the same outreach that they had before right the bigger companies take the quicker hit the money. A lot quicker obviously walmart target. Those guys aren't going to suffer but your local your local coffee shop your local where marketplace and you have a hard time keeping up so we thought like special places that we actually go like friends they own. The first one we did was mona. We used we go to that bar lot okay and while they did the competition for the wing challenge that i was part of all and then was like well. We actually go here. It's good like we should promote his pilot. We enjoy coming in. And that's how everything started that more than anything like spots that we actually frequent like. We're not going to go to spot promoting without ever being there right our friend from crofton social all my like we usually. That's our hangouts by. We have beers air and we as a lot of people go by barrett specs. And they wanna spend that extra dollar because it's local like you can get better beer fresher from someone that's going to talk to you about it straight from the tap same old sheepdog consulting from the tv know promoting our friends to places that we actually enjoy going. Not just. Because it's the hype. Go there we actually fucking go get fucked up their best way to do it because like i. You're saying the kind of people like to go to the fucking clubs on cincy in the bars in whereas in the fucking crazy shit and i used to now man. Are you worried everyone every now and then at the cajun calls for it but like every week what. We've always been more of the ones hanging on chilean. So and i think that's kinda wanted to do is like right. The nice chill spots that people kinda like don't really know about more things going on you. See i the only reason i to go to big clubs back in the day was because you know z junior. You like to listen to the music. He likes to see how somebody mixes. And you know you're just doing whatever jane. Oh my biggest thing was here. Margaritas is back in i started. What ninety nine through seven there. Something like that off and on probably junior. How's it gonna say. I was barely getting started in high school and saw the best part about is right next door right next door to fucking a porno shop. So after every fucking your video she'll go through running back backup. Yeah i don't know. I don't know but i didn't know i'd have to go motel boost that they have to fifty you pay two dollars. Yeah so they have an arcade right so you go in there and they have like a private booth where must be obsolete now. Though for now we still go go by their sex toys and their stuff. that's what he became. It just became a show we talked about. I'm gonna try. Yeah so this. Arcade you go in and it's b- it's basically like your little booth. Yellow small booth probably should have the size of this table. Where you and another person and depending how big or small that bitches you could probably fit another one in about three of them and then you put in like the fuck back then. I think it was five bucks three bucks or something and then it brings up like a rant. Fuck and fifty. Different fucking porno. You could like pick from someone that come out. You can pick whichever one you want and watch them. There were no. It's not safe now. Coronas walls.

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