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To go going to church. We listen to Ray Stevens all the time and I had all the tapes I Morgan number two tape is this square thing. I know you're twenty four and you take this thing and you put it in a car, a holder and shut it and you push play. Cool. That's cool. Cool and a beast flipping. You have to add jacked the jib have tapes, Morgan number two when I was really young. Yeah. How old four or five, how come on. Not tapes. Thank you. Go. Morgan number two. You get this morning. Yeah, I'm good. How are you Mark? Hanging out. What'd you do this week? Anything cool. No much a lot of Netflix. I'm binging Gilmore girls the new version or the old. I didn't know there was a new and old. What do we also? Yeah, they watch the original one. The one with Lauren, Graham, and they're all original. They just came back later older. They original one. I've never seen it at all so much from the very beginning. Okay. I finally got enough, looks on my television last night. It's pretty exciting. No, that's watch on my computer and I my, whatever provider I have, you just hit you just push the button to go gimme Netflix and it shows screen because I wanted to remote. You can talk to. That's awesome. Do that talk to every they talk to my phone talked to Alexa. I talked to my remote. So how are you? Lonely? I'm well. To all day. They don't talk back. It's like doing this radio show, but home with all my devices. And so I said, hey, and it comes up on the screen and a logging, Netflix and all the choices on my television. Like all the new shows, I can watch my TV. And so I watched like five episodes the office last night. It's just bigger exact opposite. Yeah, this is a bigger the office. I know trust me there was where were we l. at a hotel because our kids have Netflix on TV so we get to the hotel. They're like, they're like, why doesn't this TV? Where's the net flicks button on the remote? Why isn't this TV have net flicks and then they just they're, they're there like hanging their head low. I'm like, what's wrong? They're like, this TV doesn't have Netflix. Like life is so hard right now. Let's go outside and play. I saw a teen broke into a home in California, and then right after he got any woke up to couple to say, hey, what's your wifi password because he wanted to get on? Yeah, the homeowner told police the bed. Shove the seventeen year old suspect down the hallway and out the front door then called nine one one. The couple. I believe there were elderly. They'd been asleep in their bedroom when they were awakened by the unknown suspect go, hey, what's that? Wifi password. He's the neighbor would love to do that. Just gotta get that WI fi. Yeah. It's a lunchbox went home. He may get take his baby home today. So that's what we know. We know more, we know less. Yeah. I guess I classified files around here with so yeah, lunchbox thinks he will take his baby home this morning. Awesome. That's all I know. Just passing it along. I like that show game of thrones and they have castles the castle that's known as river run. One of the biggest you can buy it for six hundred sixty thousand dollars in the video shows the entire castle, but you only purchasing part of the castle. I'm here by castle. Please get one quarter, right? Yeah, I saw that listing their on orbits or what. Zillow. Zillow listing for the castle. Yeah, you only by a little part of it. I also saw thing about Meghan Markle you know, she's an old rule family now and she can't go to sleep until the Queen goes to bed. I saw that too, and I was like a lot according to one of the queen's private secretaries..

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