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We are back with Dr Yvonne Cason as we talk about her near death experiences right now at this point Yvonne you're heading up the international association for near death studies are you involved in this like a hundred percent now well yes I am currently the president of the international association for near death studies and out one of the big things that we're doing it for organizing a wonderful conference that I want to let people know about it's going to be in Salt Lake City on Labor Day weekend and we're going to have over fifty speakers there people who've had near death experiences and other types of spiritually transformative experiences as well as our prominent researchers in the field and if anybody wants to know more they can just go to the audience website which is W. W. W. dot I. N. C. dot org yes I'm doing this I'm retired now from medical practice and so I am doing this in my volunteer time as service to others I'm the president of our clients right now because I'm very very committed to advocating for people who we call them experience service people who've had near death experience than many at yes and other sorts of spiritually transformative experiences I want to say that near death experiences are only one of the types of spiritual experiences people are having today other people are having mystical experiences perhaps related to meditation or by watching a beautiful sunset or just happening spontaneously through a gift of grace other people are having spiritual energy experiences that are sometimes called Nicolini awakenings other people are having all sorts of psychic awakening psychic phenomenon for past life recall you know mediumship clairvoyance clear ideas we talked about all of these things other people are having inspired creativity I've after having my near death experience and I. as it turned out also had what we called a **** to leading awakening back in nineteen seventy six when I was meditating that's an experience where you get the feeling of rushes of energy up you're fine with allowed in our sound and then I went into a mystical an out of body experience so with that in some of the psychic experiences I was having as the doctor I became very interested in researching this in this area because I found in Madison there was really no understanding for spiritual or paranormal experiences it was all just being clustered as hallucinations or your imagination or even sometimes at the sign of mental illness and I realize this is not correct that we were really doing dis service to people by mislabeling these experiences absolutes the nation's or signs of mental illness I started feeling so strongly about this with all the many patients who started coming to me over the years and telling me about their diverse spiritually transformative experiences that I I thought I need to be an advocate I need to stand up as a medical doctor and say these experiences are real they are happening to many many people today and they are not a sign of mental illness so I actually specialized my practice in the counseling and the research a person's he'd had diverse spiritual experiences I did that back in nineteen ninety so I've been doing this for a long time but I've now retired from medical practice that that near death experience I've not told you about back in two thousand three I had a very serious head injury and I died for a period of time but it also disable to me as a medical doctor so I was not able to return to medical practice but then I had a very strong healing experience in twenty sixteen and so since that healing experience I have now started writing I wrote my new book touched by the light and I had in it over a hundred case stories of people that had different types of spiritual experiences and I talk about the after effects that many people have after their spiritual awakening experience I shared the stories of all five of my near death experiences in here and with this I also felt called to serve through online and so yes I'm helping to spread information about near death experiences and spiritually transformative experiences do my volunteer work now as president of the international association for near death studies very quickly von let's talk about the two thousand three near death experience of the will take phone calls yeah so you fell you hit your head and what happened yes I had a slip and fall accident at Niagara Falls I fell back in I hit my head on a rock from a physical perspective I had a very serious head injury I had a traumatic brain injury with a brain hemorrhage but what I experienced inwardly when I fell it was the acute pain like my head had been chopped into with an axe horrible pain but will instantly my spirit was out of my body and a force greater than myself seems to be rapidly listing me through this dark expanse of space and then immediately found myself back in that wonderful place filled with light that wonderful round of light and love and bliss and joy but this time I was welcomed into the realm of light by two beings of light two beams of light I instantly recognized these words saints from my spiritual tradition who I honored revered and loved it was part of the hunt CEO again under and Mohammed our Bob AC in their light bodies and they welcome to the stand telepathic we communicated to me like through thought that I had died that my work in the body of doctors on Q. son was done and I felt tremendous joy tremendous welcoming it was it felt like there was a celebration being had in my honor sort of like a graduation party that I had successfully graduated from the school of life and I felt such joy such welcome such love such bliss and then I went into sort of a state of here knowing your pure consciousness where it seems like my mind was able to absorb a vast amount of information all at once it was not like I was learning things linearly it was like with a aha I just knew were remembered at all a lot of information and in that whole experience I suddenly it was it was as if a veil had been lifted to my memory I had now I have the memories of all of my past lives and I could see how they all fit together and it was sort of like a jigsaw puzzle where all the pieces were suddenly put together and you could see the big picture and you go off to see how that all fits together now and I could see how much various allies all sit together and how my life as Dr Yvonne case I'm suddenly made sense in the context of all my past lives because I discovered guess what this was not the first incarnation where I'd had a near death experience I had near death experiences in some of my past lives too and I had had mystical in psychic phenomena in part of my past lives too so it it it made sense that somehow my soul maybe I came in with that predisposition this lifetime maybe with my karma if you want to use those words anyway all of a sudden my life made sense to me and then I bask in this feeling of joy and bliss and and and vast understanding for what seemed like timeless time it's like time was passing different over there and it sort of seemed like past present and future all coexisted somehow like they were all happening at the same time very very hard to describe this once you're back on this side but the perception of time was very different over there and then after a period of what I call timeless time the two beams of light reappear Timmy and telepathic receptivity you may now choose whether to incarnate in the body of the date to further serve to define in that form and order to incarnate back in the injured body and what happened was it didn't feel like my brain thought about it it actually felt like the answer came out of my heart well that's possible because you're beginning to say that the heart is an organ that has an emotional section to it yeah and and that's not really so I was just basking in love you know I enjoy it and it felt like in that state of love enjoy it just popped right out of my heart not read out of my head and what came out of my heart was a little please guide me I want to do the higher choice what is god's well and then it was telepathic we communicated to me it'll be more difficult but to return to the injured body and instantly out of my heart again not on my head my heart instantly responded I accept and then boom faster than the speed of thought it was between the thought I and the thought except that with a gasp of air I found myself waking up in my previously dead or unconscious body that was lying on the ground and for that first incident when I was waking up breathing life back into my body I could see both rounds I could see our earthly realm with my physical hi but I guess my inner higher my spiritual I was also open because at the same time I could see that white light round and that the two seats in there there were light bodies it was like the two rounds with superimposed on each other this physical dimension and the white light brown and then as I was breathing after a few minutes the white light round started seating you know it's sort of like fading fading fading and becoming less and less visible until it just became a dot of light and then I was fully back but when I was fully back in my form I was seriously injured with a traumatic brain injury with a brain hemorrhage that that ended up disabling me and I went to Nero rehab for almost seven years because I really really wanted to go back to my work as a medical doctor I loved what I was doing counseling people who've had near death experiences and other spiritual experiences I love traveling around and talking about this at conferences and advocating for them saying this is real this is not mental illnesses are not hallucinations and I talked about all the after effects so that people would realize Gee this is normal after near death experience we have all sorts of physical psychological spiritual and psychic after sex that's all normal I love doing that but I had to let go of all an act because I had been disabled by this injury and I just want to say real quickly that that near death experience was like a life ring for me because I had to give up everything I did give up my career I had to give up book writing I had to give up teaching at the university I couldn't even volunteer in my son's school and some people you know when you get a serious disability sometimes people can say very cruel things to you like I remember somebody saying to me G. line you must have some really bad karma that this happened to you but you know in my heart of hearts I knew that was not true because of that powerful love that I felt on the other side and I knew that the divine plan was perfect and it was full of love and that even if I didn't understand why I had to come back with a serious disability I knew it was not a punishment I knew that god's plan was good and so I clung to the act and I knew that there was some reason I didn't not have to know the reason I trusted that god's plan was perfect and there was some reason for this and I made the best of what I had you know rather than focusing on the Cup half empty I focused on the Cup half full what you should do all the time yeah yeah and I focused a lot on my spiritual path on my prayer and meditation I'm praying for people I couldn't serve in any other way I thought this was the only way I could serve but then a miracle happened and I'd like to to wrap up with that the miracle that happened is that on February twenty fourth twenty sixteen when I was deep in and that is shin here in Encinitas California that's actually where I am right now in its native California I was in a meditation retreat here in SRS meditation retreat I had a sudden spontaneous healing experience where while meditation I felt this eruption of light I could inwardly C. like a like a fountain of light erupting in the center of my brain and it literally felt like I woke up that the central part of my brain that it seems like it had been in darkness for twelve years twelve years since my head injury now the lights came on literally with this Interflora blight and it's like it woke up I could feel the sensation of waking up and my inspired creativity started flowing flowing flowing ideas for my next books and I was going to write this and I was going to write that and I was going to write this and I was going to write that and you know my brain healed in this burst of white light and in the first year after that healing experience I wrote my new book touched by the lake which has just come out and I'm really excited for people if they want to read it and and so my bottom line message is that never give up hope that miracles do happen I mean by medical science this is nothing short of a miracle twelve years after my serious head injury I had a brain healing and if this can happen to me this can happen to other people and so now at this phase in my life I'm giving back I'm sharing what I've learned I feel that spirit healed me in order that I can share my stories you know to the next generation share what I have learned and.

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