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Help. Bring STAN Thomas home. T H, O, MIS, S dashes between the words and hopefully a call out today, we'll be of help province. Really appreciate it. Thanks for. Time. Let me just ask one it one last medical question, do the physicians there, Italy think that his Marlow treatment, or the myeloma itself has anything to do with the severity of his condition right now? Absolutely. I mean, the myeloma treatment awhile, emission clearly has about the system and it makes it difficult for him to in any of that. True. Bacterial infection? There's no infection so it's really repairing repairing the lungs, I think. Yep. Big issue kids numbers. Good blood cell counts, or at least at the level, it's either saw from his latest reports prior, which will vary recent. Well, so we, you know, we take every bit of good news to be just what that is. So for him in the best shape. She can be the fights it, but he's got a long way to go. And we just want to get him home and getting help, they get him back to a family. We have four children, one, others, three stuck in LA younger, you know, they need their dad, and, and their mom, and he has to be fifty here in Italy. They don't have this. And anything anyone can help with my heart. My heart is full Corp for everyone this reached out, and well, it's. All right. Well, congratulations on having that support. And we will say prayers, and keep pumping the information so we can get the sport needed to get him home. Thank you so much. Rob appreciate it. Thank you. You've got our number's eight hundred two two two five two two two again, it is upcoming Memorial Day. And this is if you want to be part of this chance to give back to somebody who was given to us and their service of a disabled, marine with both of my Loma, the, you know, Bobby the everything a little bit about healthcare reform and stuff. That's sort of in the vapors these days and I know his insurance will not cover the transportation. Well, they're they're position isn't medically necessarily, what can be rendered that can't be. And by the way, even then they probably get them as far as like Nova Scotia or something, right? Is is the, the cost benefit. I mean it sounds like he's in a place where he's getting the treatment that he needs. Yeah. I, I don't want to. I didn't want to step on that too much. I was sort of, if you notice I was suggesting that because patients shouldn't be moved even in the bed, they when they move around, they decide trait, we call that. And so this move is not a trivial move. But then she told us about three kids at home and. A lot a lot at issue here. Right. And, and if they really if the people there really believe he's stable enough, that's actually a really good sign thinking about people don't hear but that much the public very much, but that's how people dived ammonia central right? The lungs, you're sort of overtaken by these inflammatory processes. Isn't it that those inflammatory fluids that flood into the lungs are actually the body's response to the virus? Correct. And it's it's inflammatory that gets out of control and it gets out of control feels the lungs, and then you've got to survive that, right? And as somebody who had a twenty one eight is I was about ten years ago, and it was it is this words came out of my mouth that I've never imagined speaking before my wife which was taken to the emergency room. I gotta go, this is this something is really wrong. And I handled the Monja to with it in, and I get, you know, if I'd had my Loma treatment, or something, how that could have easily blow them. Something far far worse, and it was so intense that that's what my, my wife to say that was too much to something else going on. You must get a physical specialist for my blood pressure, but get a physical and that is what led to my diagnosis, prostate cancer. Wow. So that was her instinct that turned out to be right. And the instincts of a couple other doctors to pursue a little further things that weren't seeming, quite right. But even though either. The whole I'll try to talk them out of it, and tell them I'd come back in six months. They can retest don't react. So if. And now I'm getting then I'm getting a prostate biopsy, and then I've really pissed in then it go diagnosis, so right? I was wrong. And that's why you don't take care of yourself. The great example physicians do not take care of themselves. You can't use your objective instincts. The way they are trained to be used when you were thinking about yourself or your family, period. Eight hundred two two five two to a phone number babushkas in here with us in leeann.

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