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Shore. And Dale Mabry definitely wanna use some extra caution through that area. No reported problems on seventy five in you're moving well on I four traffic is clear on the interstate throughout Pinellas county. Springer newsradio. Very comfortable weather for the bay area this evening, humidity, still lower temps, cooler and drier than typical for this time of year temperatures mid seventies under clear skies. Sixty one degrees to start the day, plenty of sunshine early Tuesday, another beautiful day, we're going to slowly bring back some humidity. But still not to uncomfortable levels. Eighty four plenty of sun Tuesday, eighty-five degrees after low of sixty four on Wednesday eighty-five for Thursday east to northwest winds in the afternoon five ten Nazis one to two alight. Shop bay waters. I'm news channel eight chief meteorologist Steve in Tampa Bay the difference between helplessness and hope is the generosity of people like you when you donate to metropolitan ministries, you choose hope for those who need it. Most. Learn more at metro men dot org. Folks, the two thousand twenty Kia telluride is in stock now at century Kia and for the entire month of April. You can drive home any new telluride with no money down Todd Nelson. The all new is key is latest and greatest offering an SUV platform and this month, you can drive home any new SUV on the lot with no money down. Choose a new two thousand nineteen Kia soul put no money down and you own it for just two thirty nine per month. How about a new two thousand nineteen Kia Sportage or Sorrento no money down just three forty nine per month. That includes your tax your, tag, title, and all the fees, and the best part is it's not a lease you own it come into century today and see the brand new Kia. Telluride KIA's new eight passenger SUV that's price thousands less than the competition. Central key is on the big corner of Hillsborough and Lois avenue or online anytime at central Kia dot com and remember at century Kia. You've got a friend in the business for offer details. Call one eight five five nine hundred one five to three or visit century Kia dot. Com. Radio top trending songs start with two newcomers. This week I up Sam Smith and or Monte squeeze into the top five with dancing with a stranger taking fifth place. Next. Welcome max to our countdown. The twenty five year old singer has your number four song called sweet. But psycho. Ellie Golding is still holding on strong her track close to me, featuring diplo and sway Lee takes home. The bronze. Moving fast is the Jonas brothers. They debuted at number five last week. But quickly climbed up to second place with sucker. And finally making this her six week on top days. Seven rings is once again, you're number one trending song. Top trending hits on iheartradio. Hear them all on ninety three three villes e Tampa Bay's number one hits music channel. Jon Morgan of Morgan Morgan. What is the value of my case the answer? Of course depends on your injuries, and the damages to you financially, and it also very much depends.

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