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It's gobbled up by the I V in right center Field, 2nd and 3rd 2 outs and Matt Duffy is the batter. And for Patrick wisdom that's his fifth double of the season. Duffy at 2 50 hitter takes the first pitch fastball off the plate away. Want to know Every time I see a ball disappear in the ivory reminds me of that commercial. The Cubs used to run where they have a groundskeeper, reach into the I V and pull something out. Sometimes it would be a baseball. Other times it would be a bicycle and one time you reach in there and you pull out Andre Dawson. No, He's here tonight. Yes. One. No pitch. Down and away two balls and no strikes. He threw out the first ball tonight. I understand. I think he'll be singing the seventh inning stretch as well. You never know what you're going to find in the Wrigley Ivy. I didn't realize so many balls would disappear into the I V the way they do. It's the second one we've seen in this series. Two balls. No strikes on Duffy. Allie sets ready the pitch and it's in the dirt outside, and it's three No now malley and danger of loading the bases in this first inning after it looked like he might be headed for a very, very quick first. Retired the first two batters on just five pitches, Jason Heyward waiting in the on deck circle. Ali is behind Duffy three and Oh, Right hander comes set And to the plate is three pitches to high fastball upstairs, and that is a four pitch walk to load the bases and that will draw a visit from Tyler Stevenson. Reds fans had to Kroger and get all the fresh you want right when you want it with delivery or free pick up on orders of $35 or more restrictions apply Kroger fresh for everyone..

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