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There we present or able, and we've also seen warnings from VHS Russia seeking to amplify that very message that Joe Biden has a mental issues or is mentally unable to to serve as president. So think about it would if Russia were just Sending those messages out to ether without that foundation it would be much less effective. It would be it would matter a lot less like Russia said. Twelve years ago while Barack Obama was running for president in two thousand, eight voting can't be trusted male unbalanced their fake it would have been irrelevant. It wouldn't really matter because that wasn't an essential part of our system and John McCain wasn't deriding that aspect of our system whereas today it is all the more important and one of the two major party candidates saying. It can't be trusted will be amount to cheating and we'll make it. So we'll never quote unquote know who won the election so Russia sees this stuff Russia Dax. It's methods as time progresses and seeks to amplify messaging that students objectives but this is a fluid operation with agency that is very responsive to our own weaknesses and our own failings as a democracy. Yeah and as you brought up all this this US intelligence that we're getting about. Misinformation about Biden and his mental health, etc.. You know these come from press releases from Evans who's the director of the National Counterintelligence Security Center. But he also tends to I see in this reporting or at least a briefings that he's giving to Congress he tends to equate what Russia is doing with what China in Iran or doing. Can you speak to that for a minute? Yes. So unfortunately, and I think he I, don't I've not seen him explicitly drawn equivalency other than putting them side by side but I have seen donald trump bill bar tried to say the real threat here's China and fundamentally that is just Misleading and not based on evidence that is either available publicly or lawmakers have said is available to them privately where there is no equivalency between what China is known to be doing, which is just public messaging. In favor and it's favorable to one candidate over another as compared to stack that up against what Russia for example did in twenty sixteen, which was launched a sprawling covert operation that reach more than one hundred, million Americans on social media, bat stolen release, sensitive political emails, and that's just a medically penetrated election systems across our country and as I said, we now know that Russia is launching another covert Operation Right now, that is seeking to manipulate Americans across social media and protect potentially with stolen documents and. It remains to be seen whether Russia was the to affect actual voting systems but there's no equivalency again between that effort and China's known to be doing overtly and just around policy or just to get around gathering of intelligence. So moving forward to be clear if China, word escalate toward launching a covert operation to interfere in this election in favor of one candidate or another whomever that will be worthy of condemnation that'd be worthy in the policy response just as it is with Russia. But right now that's Not The case and it is not only distracting, but it's detrimental to our national security to act as though those threats are the same because it just muddies the waters and makes it all the more vague to why it's so urgent or should be that we should be confronting this Russian threat vigorously and crow actively, and thank you for giving us semi You know some information about how we can do that during this election and before I let you go I have about a minute. Left I want to ask you when you know when if trump is no longer in office how should the next president tackle this threat? So I would say to tackle the threat of four and election interference. You have to forget about the distinction between domestic and foreign policy because they go hand in hand you both need to renew America at home by were securing our infrastructure mitigating the effectiveness of operations across social media or with stolen documents, and you need to build our institutions off local media. Things basic is healthcare and infrastructure to get at the polarization in our country to make us less vulnerable to reduce the visitors, the tensions in our society so that we both have a secured election system. We have less vulnerable avenues of information, but we also citizens who know more or less. And therefore less able to be played by were in power but hand in hand with that, you also need renewed. American. Leadership abroad, you need America to be working with its democratic allies who by the way are also under siege in terms of their elections and their electoral process. He's work with them in seeking to detect Russia's ongoing operations to interfere in their elections or ours, and then when those operations are detected to hit. Back against Russia not just by one country but rather by a coalition of Democracies that can show multilateral force and show Putin that the potential cost of these operations will outweigh the potential benefits and unfortunately were neither their domestically Nor in terms of our foreign policy, we have democracy standing alone right now I mean I was struck while doing the interviews for my book, the President of Montenegro roughing intelligence tried to assassinate said to. Me You know we're standing alone. We we need help. We WanNa work with our allies here and I think if we can do that if we could stand with other democracies in favor of the Democratic model and against his operation or foreign policy of tearing down Democratic Systems, we'll also shoring up our own society, our own polity. We'd be far better position to confront this threat where than we are now where we're neither imposing. Substantial costs on. Russia. Nor are we addressing the fact that Americans live in two different realities and are effectively you know each other's throats so I hope that we'll be able to make that kind of progress in the years ahead but for now, I think it's about just managing this threat and getting through this coming election before hopefully being able to have more substantial and comprehensive policy response to this very important national security threat..

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