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US women's soccer team is dominating. Thailand in the World Cup in France team USA has an eight to nothing lead. And the jets have released tight end. Neil sterling WR Weather Channel forecast. We'll see just a few clouds around overnight to low dropping down to fifty nine clouds mixed with sunshine on win. Today. A high back in the seventies, and then Wednesday night, more rain moving in lows down to fifty nine rain likely Thursday could be some heavy downpours, especially Thursday morning and Thursday afternoon. We could have some thunderstorms around highs in the mid sixties, only with an eastwind taking over. I'm meteorologist Mark tibido from the Weather Channel on seven ten WR except eight nine. Breaking news at one. Start your day with Berman and Michael Riedel in the morning, six until ten tomorrow. I'm sue Guzman on seven ten wwl. Aren. NBC News Radio station. Now w award tonight with Joe conju on seven ten w o r. We're here a special guest host governor David Paterson. Thanks so much for coming in tonight. Governor always great to be able to do it again. Sometime acitivity. So obviously, the democratic debates will be coming up at the end of this month, and it will be interesting to see all twenty four candidates. Obviously, they won't be on stage. You're going to basically split this up into, and it won't be like it wasn't two thousand sixteen where you had the kitty table of Republicans ever, pulling a lot lower than the leading candidates. They're just gonna throw it all into basically, the DNC is you pick out names out of a hat and then twelve not twelve but X amount, go one way and the X amount go to another one, and that's going to be that. So you could have a mix of lower tier candidates, and upper tier candidates, debating each other. So can't wait to see that, that happens. I believe starting on June twenty-ninth, but the, the problem that the DNC has right now governor is the fact that there are twenty four candidates, and they don't wanna have twelve. And twelve per se on a stage you won't. You have enough airtime for everybody. We kinda saw that back in two thousand sixteen where the President Trump will get a question, then there's John casick over in the corner. And he's like, hey, what about me? Can I anybody gonna ask me anything here? I it just it was too crowded. So in this case, the DNC is put forth, all these rules.

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