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Welcome back to the Gold Mine podcast Bruce Sodano is a singer songwriter who has written music with the likes of Tommy James. Dolly Parton Michael Jackson just name a few and he has written hits with his wife the late Donna summer mega heads. In fact, like bad girls he has also put up a decent amount of Solo work his latest releases have been to this year called spirals. it was broken up into two volumes released at different times during the year. The first release of spirals titled Volume One was subtitled not a straight line to be found the other the more recent volume to lose subtitled time and the space in between both are equally as good as songwriting is more in the vein Americana than say the dance music of bad girls. But in fact, bad girls was written on an Acoustic Guitar and we'll sample his solo rendition of that song in the episode coming up you'll be taken aback by the difference believe me but it's still got the New York City Street smarts in its lurks. We'll be right back to talk with singer Songwriter Bruce Suzano. Right after this message from cygnus. Radio. Dot. com. He. I'm Ronald Web and this is Patrick Prints and together we host the Gold Mine Radio. Our the show that features the latest issue of Gold Mine The music collectors magazine tune in Sunday at seven pm eastern time on Cygnus. Radio? Dot Com. Hey Bruce how are you pat prince data I'm well how you doing I'm good. So let's let's talk a little about about the new album or new EP spirals vimy to time in the space in between. I know that there was a volume one, not a straight line to be found. What is How do you describe the difference from volume one which was released earlier this year. The difference is kind of an evolution of emotion whereas you know a not a straight line to be found was kind of like the awareness of you know dead ends and the surprise. Of Life and The twists and the turns that happened on the way that are you know aren't anticipated. So to speak you know it, it's It's more of a reflective piece in that. I'm I'm kind of sitting in a place of. I think the line for me best exemplify. Volume one is dreams and memories colliding in midair. So I'm kind of their sitting at a place saying, okay. This is where you know the the road has led me and I'm kind of looking over my shoulder adds to we're I've been and I at the same time. Forward to where I'm going. You know and and volume two is more about just occupying a time as I move forward and and so it. Has Songs and it has a love songs. Of A new relationship commitment, and at the same time, you know some songs with social bench that that are very in the moment. And then you know one that kind of way. Looks at three Stages of life and how each phase of life. You, know has its challenges to be dealt with I. Don't know if that answers your question. Actor said it. Kinda makes sense of why was released as to he pees. Had five songs by two has seven songs instead of releasing it as just one album, right? Yeah and you know it and you know I I'm aware of you know there there's a shift in. Consciousness in in. In my opinion, anyway of how to approach things of where where we're more time I think where you need to you need a constant drip judge and so you know you know you put out an album and it's a lot of work and you'll out of time and boom it's out and you know okay now what you know so. So I I, mean I was aware of that and I think that you know that that played a part in my decision making as to why to do to do it as to peas as well as separating the the consciousness of the records right and the first volume. Did you record it at different times or was it all lying one to recorded at the same time they were recorded at different times and and and the funny thing will not that it's funny but but the the Interesting thing is that following him? One was all basically recorded at the same time volume to some of the songs on volume two were recorded before songs from volume mourn right. I've noticed different studios on by. Volume to was I you know you know when you make a record, it's kind of a process and I done it many times you know. So with volume two volume more and I kind of exactly do what was going to be art that record in what it was going to say in how it's going to go volume two was a bit of a mystery because. There were a lot of songs, the offering of what could go on volume two and it really was it until the last couple of weeks you know before you link the week before I had to go to mass during that my managers Sydney Dasilva came to me and said, you know Bruce There's that on the promise you know I I really love that song ever left that song to the on this record but it was a song that I had. Done. Before Volume. Mourn. And I just felt like I can never get it right because the cross You know I think it's a really good song and but it's the kind of song that if you produce it in the wrong way just becomes savvy. and. I. I felt like I wasn't able to find the right way to to get it, and so I just forgotten about it. You know. So you know she said to me do favor golden gain. You Know Randy Ray Mitchell is basically I have. To two or three producers that I that I've worked with over the last you know five or six years and that's Randy Ray Mitchell Stephen Dabo, and uh might Montani. So Mike my tally had produced the original version of the province. So when Cindy said that she said, you know you working with Randy on subtracts warrants you go in with Randy. We sing it and let randy mix it with you, and let's see what we got. So I went in and did that and everybody was really happy with it and So I was like, okay. So you know and right at that point, the color of the. Started to change a little bit more because there was some other socially aware song. Of songs that I thought, we're going to go on the record. And with the promise going on kind of started to change the texture and and funnily enough the day that Randy sent me the mix. He sent along another song..

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