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Let me back on 700 wlw. We've got this big deep freeze. It's coming and my wife Michelle's gonna talk in a real state segment coming up in a minute. We push that back talking about freezing pipes and deal with that kind of stuff. And you want to do that now? Because if you wait while you got real problems, Thea the big story today that wanted to get into a little bit more with the tip is here. Morgan Wall in the country Artist who was caught on TMZ was a neighbor right flight At night. He's drunk with his buddies returning home ring Doorbell goes off waking the whole neighborhood being stupid, and he's been in trouble before for violating covert protocols. Not once, but not twice. The ultimate and stupidity. He's dropping the N bomb Aziz saying goodbye to his buddies, but he's doing it in a no. It is fair to say not a derogatory because there's two kinds right there. There's the hard R and word which is the slur. And then they soft a n word, which is For some a term of endearment. But the argument always has been and is a white guy. I hear you that you shouldn't use the word because it's so inflammatory defensive and it's bad, bad, bad bad and it is that the origins of where there's there's no defense of using the word but Um in but and here's the guy he started his buddies, I guess in his term of Endearment was still a white guy using the N word, so he lost his record deal like I heard dumped him. Everyone's dropped this dude, and it's been been the number one album I think since January are at least Yeah, for like, four weeks now. On DSA. It's pretty much over for Morgan Wallen. But then here, Okay? Well, if you're hip hop artist, you use the word. It's different, because because why I mean, how many hip hop artists are being dropped by their labels or I heart or the other radio companies out there because they used the n word? I mean, if we're for fairness and sense of fair play in equity you when it comes to things under the law and again, not the law. But in this case, the court of Public opinion with the rules are the rules should apply equally to everyone else. I guess I mean there. I know their cultural differences, but I still to this day. I don't I don't get it's okay. It's okay because I look like the guy that if I'm black, I can use the n word. Yeah, I never some Some people agree with that some down. Hey, Glenn. Thanks for checking in, man. What's up? Okay, I'm doing. Give me your dad's a black eye. Give me what I know. We've talked about this before in the past. But you know if your your take on this Well, I'm I mean, with all due respect, I want to get credited jail for you know, friend Scott did. There's no difference between a hard or in a soft bag. I mean, if I call you a cracker or a cracker, it's true. I mean, so I don't get that and I can already see the what about is, um And you know, white guys are the victim of a double standard Now, which is news to me is a black guy. But I will say this. You don't think there's a double state. You don't think there's a double standard when it comes to using the n word thing, You know, I don't start with me. This is the thing. I know the difference between they repel doing a Jeff worked up awkward that you might be a redneck joke and Jeff Foxworthy actually doing that as an adult black guy, and I'll end with this. This. Can you explain to me Because I hear we're gonna play the double standard chord. I can already see it. But the hierarchy of the executives of all these music companies the majority of those guys. What 99.9% white? Am I not correct? Okay, So you know, this is not black guys. Put the hammer down on on on the white guy like stuff. Yeah, There's no doubt because it soak and I'm glad we're the place now, quite honestly, where the focus is on this word, right where there's serious consequences if you were there. No, but I don't mean to be focused on the work that that that's not the point. That's I mean, that's not the point out what he was doing. Don't have a damn thing to do with Kanye or Jay Z on that video. I clean it, So I mean again. What is not that complicated? I kind of know not to make like, you know, anti Semitic jokes. I kind of know, like not to walk up to the white guys really wouldn't say. Hey, you, you know, but whether this is something who are all I'm with you. I don't I don't think you know I'm not. I don't use the word because of that, because I know it's history. You know, it's like it's like the before they got Thom Brennaman fired. It's like It was a time where you could use that and people go. Yeah, but you know what Time's your change diaper changes, and that's a good thing. But I guess my Glenn, thanks for the call. My point here, though, is OK. Are they really because I guess the way to look at. Is this all right? We're talking about the n word in this atrocious Houston with what Morgan Wallet had to say. But I can use the word bitch with impunity. I just said it right now. I can't say the n word. I can't say a word. I can't say the P word there The K word. And you say that on the Earth or not, I get nervous every time you open your mouth about me, too. But you know, we just played out of the other day, Right of LeBron LBJ used. You play the audio of him calling that woman the B word, right? I can use the word. But I can do it in a kidding fashion. If I called you the B word liked if you know what you're such a that says, Let's Square is like, Hey, you know, um you know be please. Sure. Go, bitch, please. That's a different thing than me calling you that. But the thing is OK. I'm not a female. If your values Glenn's logic in the logic is on, I don't even agrees with this either. I think he's I think we agree. And we disagree. But there are people that say if you're black, you can use the n word. Okay on DSM Scholars say that too, But they have reclaimed the word. Reclaim the word right what you're caring for, but The majority of hip hop artists are In the more Georgia country. Singers are male, right? Okay, or our lives for that matter of mail for whatever reason, if they use the B word, which they do in their songs, the n words OK because they're black. Can a male hip hop artist and use the B word? The answer is no based on their own standard..

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