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Moving people and technology forward. Two 45 to Jay Brooks. Debbie announced park, they're just going to the bottom of the fourth inning with a Marlins are up one to nothing in this when Eric fetty started for the Nats. He has a four and one record in 8 career starts with a 1.7 ERA. Also, two double plays today by the national, so that's 77 for the season. That leads the majors ouch. In the American League goes in Minnesota, they've just moved to the top of the third, it is scoreless Tyler wells thrown for the Oz as they'll wrap up that ten game road trip. Also, the Orioles on a four game losing skit, tennis, Wimbledon, men's singles earlier today area native Francis TFO losing in 5 sets in the round of 16, fellow American Tommy Paul also falling out of contention and in mixed doubles there in the third set right now as Venus Williams and second round action teaming with England's Jamie Murray are up four three of the third after winning the first set and dropping the second Formula One racing at the British Grand Prix earlier today, Carlos Sainz became just the second Spanish driver to win a Formula One race next week. Austrian Grand Prix and 9 a.m. start next Sunday and in the WNBA getting good late, two 41 to go into fourth, the sun up 64 63 over the mystics who are starting the first game of a four game road trip with no Elena Della donne. She's resting that back. She's missed 9 games so far this season also forward Alicia Clark reaching 1000 career rebounds earlier today. Jay Brooks WTO P sports. And now the top stories were following several changes to local July 4th shows due to staffing shortages and supply chain issues, fairfax cities parade will be tomorrow morning, but the fireworks will be July 5th. Montgomery county is moving its Kensington fireworks to Saturday, and college park is scrapping fireworks altogether. Fireworks will launch on the national mall tomorrow night from the reflecting pool. Two people are dead after a vehicle crashed into a firework stand in D.C. yesterday, we're learning the driver who is hospitalized along with a passenger may have had a medical emergency that crash occurred along Minnesota avenue and hunt place in northeast. Stay with WTO much more on these stories coming up. Russia is claiming control over the last Ukrainian stronghold in an eastern province, but Ukraine's president says the fight for the city of le Chang's is ongoing. If confirmed Russian seizure would provide forces a stronger base to capture Donetsk, the province that makes up the Donbass, one of Russia's main targets in the war and adviser to president zelensky of Ukraine predicts the fate could be determined within days. WTO now at 1248. Traffic and weather on the 8s, back to Steve dresner and the WTO traffic center. In Maryland and upper Montgomery county, Germantown area, northbound two 70 after one 18 for Germantown road, all traffic remains stopped for the multi vehicle crash we had plenty of response on the scene as well. No problem over on the southbound side, a good trip coming down from the I 70 interchange in Frederick to all clear through high it's now Gaithersburg straight down to the lane divide. Sting Montgomery county, we're dealing with a crash on the outer loop right in your river roadblock and the right side of the roadway worry backed up to the area of old Georgetown road. Ironically, quite on the beltway throughout prince George's county, very slow on the southbound side of the BW Parkway dealing with the crash just inside the beltway blocking a lane. Crownsville area. Northbound 97 after one 78 that's crownsville, exit 5 report of a vehicle fire, only one lane does get to buy. Wide oak area is still having prompts with the signals New Hampshire avenue at lockwood drive, the traffic lights are dark, you're under police direction. In the district traffic moving a bit better, southbound D.C. two 95, we just clear the crash of benning road now the travelings are open with delays. In Virginia, traffic I'm moving a slightly better even though we're still dealing with a crash in Centreville, a northbound 28 right at I 66 at last report, it was a single link getting by either about to reopen the rest of the lane, so traffic should be moving a lot better on that northbound side. Staying in Virginia, we're in good shape on the beltway, but still very slow. Southbound, 95 delays being beginning in lore and hit slow over the yako Kwan passed one 23. Once yourself one 23, it opens up nicely all the way down to the Fredericksburg area. Now north bounders, it's slow leaving Fredericksburg up through 17 and falmouth. Until you get to Stafford, it is fine north of Stafford all the way through the aka Kwan to the Springfield interchange. Has it been a while since you've taken the bus or train? Hop on board and see how nova's public transportation providers can safely get you to your desk. Rediscover your ride at nova ride dot org. Steve dresner, WTO traffic. All right, Steve, now to storm team four is Ryan Miller. We're going to continue to see drier air filter in, leaving us with a really good rest of the day here at forecast wise. Where it was sunshine through the

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