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Update the latest Corona virus rescue proposal from Republicans in Washington Ways in a trillion dollars payroll tax cut President Trump wanted has been removed, and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says there will be at least some expanded jobless benefits. This is intended to be wage replacement, so we're focused on the percentage, which is about 70%. Nobody's gonna get more than $600. But if you were making $300 you're not going to get $600 this time, and that's fair. People understand that Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer finds major problems with the plan as covert continues to surge throughout our country. Unemployment numbers rose again for the first time in weeks. Leader, McConnell has made corporate immunity. The centerpiece of this Republican response. Claims for unemployment benefits increased last week for the first time since March. CBS News Update. I'm Steve Caven, House Republican whip Steve Scalise is concerned about the price tag for the stimulus packages we hear from WWL. Dave Cohen, the congressman from Metarie says $500 billion from the previous package still hasn't even been spent. And it cost for a second stimulus keeps climbing when they say the bidding starts at a trillion watch your wallet because it probably will end up higher than that, Scully says. The unspent money could be reallocate it so people can benefit from it. Meanwhile, he does not support renewing all of the $600 per week pandemic Unemployment plan. A lot of six people that are Getting that money are making more money right now than they were making before. The covert 19 pandemic, insists you don't want to be paying people not to work. The plan is still in negotiations, but may include another round of direct payments to Americans in a lower level of unemployment compensation. ST Tammany Parish Public schools today announced that students in pre K through fifth grade will attend school in person five days a week, while student's grades six through 12 alternate days in classrooms and learning virtually from home. Children will be assigned days. Based on the first letters of their last names. The academic year is set to start August 11th on the North Shore. A setback for movie theatres, as we hear from CBS's Debra Rodriguez.

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