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Andrew Bogus is playing Super Dave's dropped from yesterday's Winthrop basketball game. Super Dave and his partner, Mike Pacheco. Just absolutely crushed. It hit it out of the park using all of our drop. So you got to stick around for that, because They had no fear. Absolutely no fear, doing all of our drops in 20 minutes. Also to Shawn Watson, would he accept a trade to the New York Jets? And in 40 minutes, Ma Holmes's status gets a flip flop for the A V C championship game yesterday. All of that coming up this hour on the show one hour from now, Steve Tasker is gonna join us. But I want to do a little history here. NFL history which you guys know that I love to deodorize. Let's go back to 1993 because chiefs and bills the last time the bills were in this spot, the A F C title game was 1993. And before this Patrick Mahomes run. That was the last time the Chiefs were in the A F C title game. So there's a lot of good vibes from the early nineties, bubbling up in Kansas City this weekend in 1993. What were you doing? 1993 that summer, I learned how to swim. It's six years old, my first ever trip to Florida and I proceeded, I remembered Stickley for these are the first NFL playoffs. I actually remember sitting on the couch with my father, and in fact, I could tell you I remember I was started to be allowed to reach my own hand. It's a potato chips that January as well. That's interesting. You were not allowed to take your own potato chips until the age of six. You remember having your hands slapped away? Well, yes, because I was young, portly kid. But if you remember d a that year, the Giants had a pretty magical year themselves. So I remember Giants Vikings wild card weekend and it's distinctly remember. It is. My parents have always joked around since the 1993 Giants players is where I became a real pig because I learned how to feed myself out of a chip bag. Interested? Yes. 93 Giants had a bit of a magical run. After Parcells had retired after the 1990 Super Bowl. They went eight Nate and six in 10, with the disaster known is Ray Handley. They brought in Dan Reeves, who had been fired in Denver for being unable to get over the hump for the Broncos. And he immediately restored Salad respectability to the Giants, and they nearly nabbed the number one seed, the NFC. We'll talk more about that coming up here. So here was the world in 1993. Okay? I was a 14 year old. I think that was ninth grade for me if I'm not mistaken night. 1993 14 year old D A. Here is what is happening in the world in 1993. Okay, the big hit song. Is Mariah Carey's Dream Lover, Bob But Dante Content to baby Baby, Remember that song? I do Remember that song? I'm Big Mariah Carey fan and I Love Playing a 90 station on my Sirius XM from time to time that comes on often Dream lover, the number one song that year the number one movie that year. Jurassic Park one. You said right? That is right. I would have thought Jurassic Park was more of like a 96 97. Wow. Yeah, yeah. 93 the first Jurassic Park. This might This might stir some memories here for some of our listeners in 1993 for the Super Bowl. This was the Cowboys in Bill's the second one. The game was on CBS. I believe yes, was on CBS at that time in living color was one of the biggest shows on TV. Of course that launched the career of the Wayans brothers. Damon Wayans, Jim Carrey, etcetera. Fox was not a NFL rights holder. So they tried to go rogue during Super Bowl halftime during halftime, they put on and in living color special. It was sink double live with the moment that they went to commercial break for halftime, and then they wrapped it up so that viewers could flip back over. So that really doesn't happen much anymore for the networks. You might see that on cable. I don't know. I feel like there's like a puppy bowl that goes on like the animal planet or something like that. I'm TV with Beavis and Butt head forever. Yeah, but that doesn't happen anymore. I don't know. I don't know, but that was back in the day. That was what they didn't have fun and what's amazing is maybe that was 92. Either way, it changed everything. Because once Fox did this The next year. I think the next year was 93. The NFL brought in Michael Jackson for the half times that people couldn't flip away from the halftime show. So that changed how dramatic and huge and star studded the halftime shows, then became interesting, right? I did not realize that's what made the turn That's what made the turn. Also, if you're just wondering what was happening in sports at that time, the Toronto Blue Jays We're back to back World Series champions, Of course, the last time they won the World Series in the NBA. That was the third championship of Michael Jordan. Chicago Bulls of the first three peat beating Charles Barkley, the Phoenix Suns of that classic. 1993 Marez. Montreal Canadians are the Stanley Cup champions as we famously know the last Que Nadie in Stanley Cup amazing meeting Wayne Gretzky and the King's Wayne Gretzky gotten the Kings to the Stanley Cup that year. That's exactly right. Yeah, that's the Marty McSorley curved stick. Controversy..

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